Thursday, December 30, 2010

God's Children

The sky is blue
The sun is shining,
Then why is it god,
That i have no food in my plate when iam dining

Why can't there be an end to this cruel plague,
Why do i have to be part of this endless rage,
Why do i have to crawl on the roads, when it is red,
Why can't i still get my loaf of bread...

I love the sound of ringing bells, every hour, every day..
That commotion, those laughs, those cries, those happiness, those punishments, those lunch time games, those bunking classes..
Why can't i have all that my lord..

Poverty and illiteracy has become a big problem in our country, every child, rich or poor, should have the right and access to proper education, food, and clothing. Child labour, should be strictly prohibited, may it be at homes, or on streets. Each day , so many children, die of malnutrition and infections. What is the crime of the poor child.
Organisations like CRY, Akshay Patra, Teach India, Bal janagraha, and many more are doing a wonderful job, by catering to all the needs.. We must support the cause whichever way we can, spread the awareness, help monetarily, do volunteering work, spend some time with the children, encourage education amongst chidren in neighbourhood.
All these efforts, can build us a better tomorrow.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

For You , Mom & Dad !!

For a long time, ive been thinking of writing something for my mom and dad. Today is the occasion, today is my Dad's birthday.

When i was small and little
Scared and weak, thin and brittle,
U were there by my side to hold my hand
Walk me down the dangerous lanes
Amidst all the unfriendly plains
U were there for me
U were there, Mom and Dad.

When i used to get lost in the crowds
Wandering in the cluster of tall moving people
Scared and insecure, searching for some home,
Looking for those moist soft hands.
Hugging me and holding me
And saying Its All right
U were there for me, Mom

When I was sad, dejected, failed
When i though all my options were derailed,
When confidence had hit a road block,
There was no one to lift me off the dock,
U were there for me, Dad
U were there to motivate me,
made me believe in myself,
made me realize my talents.
U were there for me, Dad.

U have always been a role model for me,
Always been the people,
I most look upto.
U were always been the people,
I care more than anything.
U were always been the people,
I love more than anything.

I want to promise u Mom & Dad
I will always be beside u, when u need me.
I will always care for u, how much ever it takes.
I will always be there to hold ur hands
when u need my help.
I will always be there to listen to u.
And I would consider myself really lucky,
If I can become, half the person, what u are.
So that hopefully one day, Mom and Dad, u can proudly say he is our son !!!!!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Feed a Child, Now is the time to act - Akshay Patra

Inspired by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, when he saw small kids fighting with dogs for scrap of food.  he began the initiative to see that no child in india goes hungry, Akshay patra started with a mid-day meal program in bangalore, feeding 1500 schools.
Since then they have provided mid day meals in many government and government aided schools across different states in India. 
Ministry of Human resources and development of Government of india is supporting the organization since 2003. Now they feed almost 1.2 million children daily with the help of financial support from different individuals and organization. 
Their mission is to reach 5 million children by the year 2020. Its a noble cause which they are trying to achieve with the help of people like us. India is suffering from poverty since many years, Education and good nutrition are the key to eliminating poverty. 
We all live in our busy worlds, time is a big factor.we dont have time for ourselves or for our family or for anything we love. All of us just keep preaching, we want to do something good for people, or give something back to the society. 
Heres ur chance, small or big, give something to keep the mission alive . 
Make ur donations here 

Thanks :)

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog Action Day - Save Water

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us. And the number is just going on increasing. 
In developing countries the number of people go without water is just alarming. Most of the people just lack services of basic sanitation and drinking water. Water has been a major issue for violence and misconduct in many parts of the world. In Africa, there have been lot of killings in the name of supplying water.
There are also lots of epidemics across India and also other developing countries. Cholera, Dysentery, Hepatitis A, the list goes on. Children are more susceptible to these gastrointestinal diseases. It is one of the leading causes of mortality in children. 
The Ocean and other water bodies are being polluted with industrial waste and human waste across the world. Its harmful not only to the fauna and animal life but also to we humans who are drinking it. So pollution of water body has become a thwarting issue not only for human welfare but also for environmental and animal welfare. 
Saving water starts at home. There are lot of states coming up with innovative ideas for rain water harvesting. There are specialised equipments available to store and use the rain water as a major water source across houses. 
On an average we use about 300-400 litres of water/day . Isn't it alarming? Out of it if u take out even 2-3 litres of water daily, it could supply drinking water for atleast 2 children.
Make it a pledge for tomorrow, to save water, it might be only a litre, but that 1 litre can quench the thirst of an old man living in the streets. 
Things that can be done to save water at home : 

1. While you are using water for hand wash, brushing, a shave, don't let the tap water running, open it only when required.
2. Instead of taking bath under the shower daily, at least twice a week, use water from a bucket for taking bath.
3. People at home can start harvesting rain water in a small reservoir, and use this rain water for gardening,washing cars and stuff. To know more about it, click here
4. While moving out of your home, check whether all taps are closed, and there is no leakage from taps. 
5. While washing utensils, don't let the water keep running from tap, use it as required
6. There are many more small things one can do to save water.

But, water moves beyond just a human rights issue. It’s an environmental issue, an animal welfare issue, a sustainability issue. Water is a global issue, deserving a global conversation. 

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday 10-10-10

Had an awesome bday this time in mumbai
This birthday was special, the date read 10-10-10 and at 10.10 hrs, my mom wished me and my twin bro on our birthday.
I wanted it to be somewhat special,
Well the best i could make out of it. was to celebrate it with my family. So had come down to aamchi mumbai. Had an awesome saturday nite party with all my 'POWAI PALS' folks. As usual the guys were all charged up to dance n drink. and the gals were as always looking beautiful, with some specially invited girls too:)
All my good ol friends, got a cake, we cut it n gulped in a bottle of beer. With spirits flowing, music blowing, temperatures rising with all the beautiful gals, dancing was just an automatic movement of the body for us:)
So had a great party till 4am, couldn't ask for more.
As the day went on, i spent most of the time with my family, and had nice quiet lunch outside. Was great to spend time with my family after long time. Nothing like it.
And at nite, caught up with all my chuddi buddies from school. Best part is we never get bored of all those old school jokes. its still so much fun. All that imitations, and incidents, we still dont get tired of it.. :)
All in all It was a great bday. Hope to have more like these ones...
Thank you Amma, Appa, Shri, Satya, and all My buddies..
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Monday, October 04, 2010

Bangalore IndiBlogger Meet #indiblr

Hey yo, october the 3rd is the day
No it ain't Bapu's bday
Bangalore today was Indiblogger Day!!
journey started, boarded 335E
shook the hand wid yogi ji
enter the world of bloggers sea
welcomed by the beau 'Crazy' G
Al the indi homies were up der
Anwin, Bala, Noop dawg.
And der were Rennie, karthik, n vineet
Hitesh, Mohan, Tavish and RCB fan
No der wasnt ny Plan..
tweet tweet tweet from the bloggers' clan
30 secs of fame, aint one easy game
Spare the pain, down to 15 secs of the same.
then der was writing on the wall
this aint any ordinary wall
With all those comments and kicking
kinda felt so high, smiling widout a sigh !!
der were samosas and sandwiches
filled our tummies widout much glitches
Though left our throats dry
seeking for those unconditional pry
Ended wid those coveted tees
Wid lovely indiblogger plea.
And as all said goodbye ..
But friends this aint the end..
Coz der is a blogger meet at every bend..

P.S  - just an attempt to cover the blogger meet differently..  If i hurt any1s sentiments, i apologize ..
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Try me Harder !!!!

Sittin at tht corner of tht room
Thinking bout wht bout this life
Ringing in my ears aint helpin reduce this stife
i aint wrong , i aint right
All i knw future aint so bright
Troubled, depressed, harassed
Thts all ya want
all yea want to bring me down
Try me harder, Im gona be alive again.

Thts not gona happen u grey haired loser
Ure just a poser, gonna wipe u like an eraser.
Next time u never gona crush me
There aint gona be a nxt time
Will make u cry like baby, show ya ur real soul
Will mince u into pieces in fuckin bowl
the dogs aint eating ur stinking fowl
Ya want me to come clean
And start over from the scratch n write new ones,
But I'm afraid that it ain't gonna make no difference
coz u got me into so much of indifference.
Troubled, depressed, harassed
Thats all ya want
All yea want to bring me down
Try me harder, Im gona be alive again

No dude this not me, i aint like u
I aint gonna sulk in a corner
Stuff ya in a bar of snicker
and melt u down
Try me sucker, i aint any quitter
Not gona be easier
Will fight till the end
Piss at all ur roadblocks at every bend
Cant w8 for the day
To see ya fuckin face
See ma name on the 1st place
In your face, blood sucking stinker!!!!
Thats all ya want
all yea want is to bring me down
Try me harder, Im gona be alive again

Im sick of this game
walking alone in my lane
It aint for you, it aint a rap  
Its just to make u shut ur crap
you feel u r the king, sittin n lying inside ur ring
u dint bother, u dint care,
why imma take all the blame
All i need is respect ma name..
I gave all, i never complain, i never crib
Paved for all the way this is how I fucking get repaid
I dont give a damn wht ya think
im doin this thing fo me..
I can't take it, too hung,
2 months I've been having ups and downs,
I aint gonna sit down now
gonna rise up high now, up till the sky now.
Thats all ya want
all yea want is to bring me down
Try me harder, Im gona be alive again

In your dreams, suckkaaa !!!

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Baby give me some sign..

hey gal ive been watching u everyday.. 
sumtin doesnt seem right, 
we chat on the line, 
we talk on the phone
nothing seems so bright. 

I know ure sad baby, 
but lemme help u, lemme hold ya hand 
I can see it in yo'r eyes, 
the tears waiting to change into ten thousand cries, 
take ya fears out , believe in you gal. 

Even if ya dnt wanna talk to me, 
heya i really dnt mind gal, as long as ure happy. 
I know u dnt wanna se me no more 
I aint complaining, 
will be waiting by the shore.
But baby give me some sign!! 

baby but remember u r the only one 
sumtin about u make me believe ure the number one.. 
I know u in lotta pain, u never wanna show ya nyone 
u keep smiling, n keep everyone around ya happy 
I wont trouble u. 
throw it out, kick it out , peel it off.. 
i'l be waiting by ya window to catch all ya pains.. 
its no fun, its no gain. 
but i aint bothering, as long as i see ya real smile.

wanna be beside ya all the time
be part of every li'l crime .
until it gives u the chill thru ya spine. 
I will be gone forever gal.. 
but baby give me one sign !!!

Take care yo.. 

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Just sMiLe !!!

This is about a girl who stood in the smoke with that beautiful smile
She aint a princess
she aint a girl next door ,
Shes just an ordinary gal
wid a extraordinary smile....
Gal ure so cool..
lookin at u every1 gonna be so fooled.
galie u dnt need any1 to ruin ya birthday.
This is ya birthday, u have a right to be happy.
No tears, No fears, just grab a can of beer,
raise a toast to the years u lived..
Years u lived with joy and happiness.
u introduced me to ya world.
was wonderful wanna take a dip again into the sea
just let it be the way u are .
will be down with ya like a best friend
Can't promise will make u laugh
but atleast can cry wid ya.
No cheating, no teasing , no games.
To keep ya happy
is ma only aim..
All ya've gotta do is gal.
Neva give up that wonderful smile..

May not be the same if i neva met u..
i wish i was there, to make ur day special.
When we hit the club, can dance until u're down.
I know u dont like it, but dont ya worry i gonna protect ya
from the brown..
Until the spirits r high, vodka flowing down the throat smoothly
like a wind through your body.
All my hommies think im crazy,
well theyre just lazy,
coz they're just mad, they ain't get u .
But aint no matter, coz i don't care.
Gemini is ur sign, gal ure so fine.
And i would do whatever in time,
to keep ya happy .

All ya've gotta do is gal. 
Neva give up that wonderful smile..

No matter how far i am gal 
Im gonna hold ya down n make sure everything is right wid ya
nothing can go wrong, 
just wanna sing that birthday song. 
All ya've gotta do is gal,
Neva give up that wonderful smile
Inside like real friends supposed to, i wanna show you,
The life of someone like u is more than just a smoke. 
Yo cannot be wrong gal. 
Just gotta put up that SMile..

This is dedicated to a Special Friend !!!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dreams Unconditional !!


(Image Courtesy:

Never seen u, never had an essence of u in my life.
U came into my life like a storm.
Never felt that comfort with anyone,
Never felt that spark with someone.

Loved every moment with you,
loved your beautiful hair swirling over my face,
The aroma around you made me wanna be near you,
close to you.
Felt like holding you in my arms again and again.
Never could take my eyes off your wonderful eyes,
Like a melting pot of astounding beauty.
I never wanted to be away from you.

The laws of attraction stopped making sense.
Something contagious about your smile. 
Always wanted to see that innocent smile, 
Tried making you laugh all the time. 
Whenever u came close to me, 
My neurons started firing to the maximum level. 
Every time you held my hand, 
I never wanted to let go, 
felt like these hands are supposed to be together.

No one can argue, how good we looked together,
Can't say made for each other, 
But we looked inseparable.
Even few minutes out of sight was like ages away from each other.
Missing you was not the word, was longing to be with you.
Einstein had his mark very much right on his relativity.
Between us there was nothing relative, 
It was all togetherness.. 

Where have you been so long.
Missed out on so much good times with you.
Didn't hear your whisper in my ears
Didn't feel your caressing touch.
Didn't feel you in my arms.
Why have you been so long away.

Its ignorance to say i didn't see it in your eyes,
But as some one rightly said ignorance is bliss.
So what if it was just a dream. 
I can lay in the bed for my entire life
to relive you in my life !!!

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ek choti si love story - part III

This is final part of the short story Ek Choti si love Story.
You can read the 1st part here - Ek Choti si love Story
         and the 2nd part here - Ek Choti si love Story - part II


Sameer waited eagerly for janice at the same coffee shop. He was feeling confident. he had grown up, physically as well as intellectually. Janice walked inside the coffee shop. She kept searching for sameer, but she couldn't find him. So Sameer walked to her, and said hi its me sameer. Janice couldn't believe her eyes, is it the same sameer whom she met months ago. She was taken aback. Then sameer narrated the whole story and showed her the device too. She still couldn't believe it was sameer. She thought someone is playing a prank on her. She even started walking away. it took sameer lot of convincing, to make her realize it was the same sameer.
Sameer told her, how much he loved her. He said, " you are the reason, i din't care about the even whether the device would work or not. I just wanted to grow older to be able to stand beside you. So that u don't have to be ashamed that i have a younger boyfriend". He said "I love you so much, i'l be there whenever you want me. I did all this for you, all this for you" "Will you accept me now ?" He asked with fingers crossed.
Janice said "I can't believe you did so much for me. I mean i feel like some princess. U've made me feel so special." . Sameer's face lit up with joy. then came the ever dangerous "BUT" . She said "After u disappeared for a while, i started seeing someone, and fell in love with him. Hes 1 year elder to me and hes my friend's brother. We both are deeply in love with each other." 
"After all that u've done for me, i would have surely said yes, for that matter any girl would have said yes, but i still don't love you. You are a good person, i don't want to ruin your life by saying yes to you and being with you , just for the sake of it. I don't feel it from within." janice said.
Sameer din't know what to say. He was confused and sad. After going through all this, still Janice doesn't love him. But he realized one thing, that she was very happy with the other guy. And he has no right to question her love for him. His maturity made him understand that somethings are just not meant to happen, how much ever u try. And u can't control it. Thats called destiny. Maybe thats the way it had to happen. He was still devastated, but knew now that its not the end of the world.
Janice got up from her chair, wished him luck and went away. Sameer looked at his device, he wanted to go back to his teens, he pressed the 'down' button and in a flash he was back to the lanky 18 year old again. Sameer and Janice never met again in their life. Sameer eventualy understood more about love. He finally found his soulmate 4 years later. Hes very happy with her. Janice married her then lover.
The moral of the story is that Never get disheartened by rejections by gals and guys in ur life. Theres definitely someone waiting for you. Never spoil your life for one gal or boy. if he or she doesn't like you move on, there are always more people in this world. Atleast Sameer had a chance to go back to his teen life, most of us don't. Life is short, always look around. There might be someone interested in you, and u never realized it.
And if u're in love with someone, proudly say it. Don't wait for the right opportunity, right time and all bullshit. Its never a right time. Say it as soon as possible before its too late. Time passes by, its all in our hands when do we make it right or wrong. People come and go in ones's life. Its a learning experience from all the relationships until u find the right gal or guy. And perhaps this learning experience continues even after you've found ur partner. Life never stops teaching you.
This story has been inspired by a real life story. The Story has been adapted from the original story !!!
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Friday, May 07, 2010

Ek choti si love story - part II

This is a continuation of a not so short story im writing. check this out
Ek choti si love story - Part I


As sameer waited, he saw Janice coming towards the cafe. His heart beats started getting faster, as she came closeby. She hugged him and sat down. His hands were cold, words were broken, eyes wandering. He somehow silenced his anxiety and gathered the courage to say, " I want to tell u something important, really important" . She asked, " What is it" . Sameer looked lost for words. He bravely muttered " I love u" . Janice dint hear it properly, So she asked " what did u say?" . He said it again with all the guts in his body " I said I love u. and im pretty serious about u. I know this might come as a surprise to u but im really crazy about u. Ever since i saw u the first time, the world around me has come to a standstill. Nothing seems real to me except u. Logics have lost their meaning. Its just ur name on my mind all the time". Janice was taken aback and was angry, but at the same time, was impressed by all the good things sameer said " OMG, this is hard to believe, i dont know what to say". Sameer said "theres no hurry take ur time to decide" .  " Thers nothing to decide, we can't go out. U r like 6 years younger to me, its weird. I always considered u as a good friend"  Janice said.
Sameer said "Whos to decide how much age difference should be there to date? I'l keep u very happy, more happy than a princess, I'l always be there when u need someone to talk to. If i can't wipe ur tears, I'l cry with u. If i can't make u laugh, I'l do things to make u laugh, I'l do whatever u want. Please don't say" . Sameer dint want to hear a "NO".
Janice said, " Its not about who says, im not comfortable with a guy who is so younger to me. And im sure u will make a good partner. Only of u were a few years older, maybe i would have considered it". " Please sameer, lets not spoil this gud friendship we have". Sameer was so dejected, almost a tear came down his full eyes. He smiled sportingly and said "ok" . They had a chat for a while and both of them left to their respective homes.
Sameer was devastated. His whole world had fallen in front of his eyes. He was so madly in love with her. He dint know what to do. He lied down in his bed thinking, how can i ever get over this. Over the next few weeks, he spent his time convincing janice about his love for her. But she always complained about the age. difference. The whole scenario had taken a real toll on sameer. He coudn't eat, sleep, lost his sense of living. He was miserable. Janice stopped talking to him. He felt more and more weak mentally, physically.
One day, he took a very drastic step, he decided to end his life after jumping from a cliff.. He went to a nearby hills and climbed to the top. As he was climbing, He noticed some watch buried in between stones. There was something peculiar about it. As it was dawn, the watch had a bluish glow in dark. It was the last thing he wanted at this moment of time. Still something made him pick up the watch. He wore it. It had some weird dials. It dint have the normal hours and minutes hands. It had some kind of 6 figure digital display. He tried to figure it out what is it. He then opened the back panel of the watch. There were some small engravings in the panel. He coudn't read what was written as the letters were very small. The curiosity took him home to find out what was written. He took a magnifying glass and tried reading it, It was some ancient indian language.
After days of searching internet and ancient history books, he came to know that, it was some dravidian language called 'brahui' spoken in then balochistan. It read  'when rays of light passes through the device into someone's body, there is a series of reactions in the body, which ages or rejuvenates our body cells effectively making us young or old'. Sameer's excitement was flowing out of his face. His first thought was i'l become elder and then janice would accept me. Well was a crazy thought, but not for sameer, he was dead serious.
There were 2 buttons in the device up and down. He went outside, stood straight down the ray of sunlight. and he reluctantly pressed the down button and bang !! Something weird started happening, sameer felt this anguishing pain of stretching of all parts of the body. Within few minutes, he felt unconscious. A passerby, seeing him unconscious, took him to a nearest shop, sprinkled some water on his face. He was slowly regaining consciousness, locals tarted asking him, "kya hua bhai, tum tik to ho" ( what happened?, r u ok?) . To avoid too much of commotion he just said, " kuch nai fisal gaya" (nothing, i just slipped). " fisal gaye aise kaise fisal gaye? itne bade aadmi ho dikhta nai kya?" (how can u slip, u're such a grown up man, can't u see and walk) a passerby said angrily. Then sameer asked astonishingly, "mein bada aadmi" ( me a grown up man?). People looked at him as he was mad. He asked for a mirror in the house. He couldn't believe his eyes. he was a handsome 28 year old now. He confirmed what year it is ? So time time space continuum was intact, only he had grown older,handsome and confident. He thanked god for giving him such a boon. He couldn't wait to go and tell janice.  This time he was going to propose as a grown up man, not that naive 18 year old. He got all dressed up looking fit and fine, picked up some flowers, called janice and sat in the same coffee house. As he was waiting for janice, he thought to himself , how fortunate he was that god showed him the path.

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ek Choti si Love story !!


Sameer was an average teenager. Just fresh into college, tuitions, bunking college for going to movies. He was like any other teenager, not much of tension in the head, just live life , go to party, have fun.. 
He was from a middle class family, father was a school teacher, mother was a housewife, they lived in a modest home. 
Life was going on as usual. But one day everything changed. He was sitting in the canteen chatting with his friends. Just as he was about to leave, his eyes fell on a young lady sitting by the end of the canteen. She was about 24-25 years of age. black hair , wavy, with a brownish shade. black eyes, fair, beautiful smile. He just couldn't take his eyes of her. His life almost came to a standstill when he first saw her. As she sipped through her cappuccino, sameer's froze in time. His friends had to bring him to reality. He was so mesmerized by her looks, he couldnt look anywhere else but her. As he came home, he kept thinking about the mysterious gal. He had to find out who was the gal. He tried calling few people inquiring about the new gal, he din't get much of an info. He went to sleep dejected..
Next morning he went to his class. To his amazement, the mysterious gal was in his class. His happiness was overbound. He had to talk to her. He sat behind her. After the class, he made a conversation said " Hi , ure new in the class?? " she smilingly said " yes" . He said " Im sameer" she said , " ok , Hi sameer, im Janice" and she walked off. He was so happy, he atleast came to know her name. Soon he found more bout her, and he realised she was quite older to her by about 6 years. There was still something about her that sameer coudnt get over with it. The difference in age din't bother him. He wanted to know her more. He started talking to her, became friends with her. Both of them forgot their age difference and became great friends. Sameer started falling in love with janice. He wanted to tell her. 
One a fine sunday morning, he called her up for a cafe. Sameer dressed up nicely and picked up some flowers for her. He wanted to confess his love for her. He waited alone in the cafe, with flowers in his hand. There she came in a blue top and light blue colour jeans. She was looking amazingly beautiful. His senses felt numb. he felt a stimulus of rush passing through his body. He was feeling anxious, very anxious, hands were trembling, feet never stopped shaking, words were hard to come. But he had to say it now. He couldn't wait for long. 


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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Youngistan Ka Wow

Im participating in a interesting contest on Indiblogger 
Its for the blogger of the month sponsored by Pepsi called Youngistan ka WOW contest... This is in line with game announce by Pepsi and youngistan the game ..

 To participate in the contest, ive been faced with a interesting question:

If you were the game master, what challenge would you like to throw to Ranbir? 

Hey ranbir, try running on a busy Dadar railway station bridge, from one end to another, shouting " Mein Baap Bann Gaya, Mein Baap bann gaya "  :)

If u wanna know more about Pepsi The game contest, Check out 
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chained Emotions !!

Gone are the years,
Gone are the days,
Gone are the opportunities,
Then why do I still feel the pain !!

Times have changed,
I've grown in the world of uncertainity,
You've grown into a world of togetherness,
And We've grown into a world of happiness,
Then why do I still feel the pain !!

Never felt the touch,
Never felt the warmth,
Never wiped your tears,
Never laughed with you,
Never held your hands,
Then why do i still feel the pain !!

Your beautiful eyes have captivated many,
Your heavenly smile makes me wanna sing to you,
The aroma of freshness around you,
Makes me wanna wake up to you everyday,
Then why do I still feel the pain !!

Days and nights are not enough,
To admire your astounding beauty,
Time is not by our side nor the world is,
But still wanna keep looking at you forever,
Don't wanna blink my eyes, time is not on my side
Now i know why I still feel the pain,
Not sure if you are feeling the same

Bloody hell !! I was sitting on a damn nail !!!!! :)
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A legend called " Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar"

  If there was anyone who could reach 200 runs for the 1st time in One day international cricket. Its Sachin Tendulkar. Who else could have been better than Sachin Tendulkar to cross the landmark. Who could have imagined when he opened his batting with Virender Sehwag in the 2nd ODI in Gwalior against south africa, that he could reach this amazing feat. 
Sachin glazed his way through the south african bowling attack, like he was not batting rather playing a violin, so smooth, so majestic, so graceful. To the defence of Proteas' bowlers, the pitch was a sitter, absolute batting track nothing for the bowlers. The only way they could have taken wickets, were when batsman made mistakes. 
Sachin has been a role model in and off the field. Hes been almost away from any controversies in his time in cricket. Whenever he was criticized for not playing well,  he came back strongly with solid performances. There is no shot in the cricket book, he can't play. Its absolute pleasure to watch him bat. Hes been an inspiration for young and old alike in Indian cricket team. He radiates, the spirit of success, strength and calm within him. Even when sehwag, yuvraj are boasting about the way they play, sachin sits calmly at the other end and does what hes best at play cricket.
Thers already many discussions in the sporting world, whos the best player in cricket. There has been Don Bradman, Richard Hadlee, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara, Javed Miandad, Viv Richards, the list just goes on. And some may argue, that indian pitches are good for batting. I saw people writing, any batsman can score in such pitches. But make no mistake, this was against a formidable south african bowling attack. 
Frankly, i dont care what people think, for me, Sachin is the greatest player, Cricket has ever seen. If there is anyone deserving to be called 'Legend' its none other than 'Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar' .
Stand up everyone take a bow, coz even the gods are saluting, coz you are those fortunate people in this era, to have witnessed a Legend playing Cricket. 

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Blues!!

Whts it about Monday? 90% people in the world, feel sick, tired, sleepy, when they think of going to work on monday morning.. Its something most of us hate..
Is it about the work, that they don't like but still have to go to earn enough money for themselves and family, or is it just that people are more lazy monday morning. 
If its about the work, one should be really thinking bout the job they do. After all we all want to do something we love. But sadly in reality, its different, we end up doing something we don't like.
I was reading a study done by some doctors that, our Reticular activating system is the least active on monday morning, compared to other weekdays. Interesting but still more research needed in this field. Reticular Activating system is the part of the brain responsible for wakefulness.. 
I guess, its more because of the preceeding relaxing weekend, our body systems are not geared up completely for going to work. Well thts just an hypothesis!!
To save yourself from monday morning blues, look forward to do something interesting, something you love on a monday morning...

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kingfisher IndiBlogger meet at Bangalore #indiblr 21/02/2010

I went to this Awesome meet organised by a website called Indiblogger . Indiblogger is a website with a directory of all bloggers in India. This meet was organised by bloggers in bangalore at KYRA pub and restaurant sponsored by Kingfisher. KF sponsored the free beer.
 It was gud to see so many people from all walks of life of all ages, came to the event. A gentleman Mr. saraswathan just enlightened everyone with his witty comments and information. He was awesome.
Well with the beer in hand, comments were flowing from all bloggers.. There was sum interesting discussions about how to make blogging better. Sum people took lotta objections for making money out of blogging.. which btw i feel thers nuthing wrong about it. In fact i feel people should make enough money from blogs and they need not get to their 9-5 job again. And then u'l have enough time for doing what u like, i.e blogging:) anywayz they are my views. But i was gud to see so many people eager to speak out. One guy i forgot his name, but everyone had to plead him to stop talking :P .. haha.
Another issues discussed were the copyrights and license issues, which was very informative for me. Some felt putting widgets in their blog is useless, nevertheless it gets u visitors and looks cool too :)
There was a interesting game arranged too, we were given big sheets to be hung up in our neck and people will write comments for u behind ur back. Ive put up a photo of the comments i got. I got to know lotta interesting people and got some interesting and encouraging comments too. Saw some funny comments on people's posters like " Im Mad", " I want free snacks" , " Man U sucks" which btw is totally true :) 
We winded up with a video on IPL. I winded up with a bottoms up with anwin . On a whole a very nice meet, lotsa interaction, lots of special moments, lots of humour, lotsa beer, and lotsa tweeting. Thanks to Indiblogger, KYRA, and Kingfisher for arranging such a wonderful meet. 

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Save our Tigers !!

1411.. only 1411 tigers left in India. Once we boasted about our national animal, and the beauty of the beast. But sadly there might be a day, when we can't see any one of them. Tiger hunting started as a sport in olden times, now it has lead to a stage where tigers are hard to find. 
India has about 37 tiger sanctuaries across the country. The number is slowly decreasing in each sanctuary. Its sad that we are left with so few tigers. Poaching of tigers for that matter any animal should be banned. Tigers are killed for their skin and body parts.The Bengal tiger is endangered because it is poached for its body parts to cater to an illegal market. Another reason is habitat loss due to depletion of forest cover interference of humans and encroachment of forest land by people causing fragmentation. At the turn of the century, there were almost reportedly 40,000 tigers in India, but now only 1411 remain in the wild.
Some facts 
  • 2009 was the worst year for tigers in India, with 86 deaths reported.
  • There are 37 Tiger sanctuaries in India. However, 17 sanctuaries are on the verge of losing their tiger population.  
  • Corbett National Park is the oldest tiger park in India. It was created in 1936 as ‘Hailey National Park’. 
  • The Kanha National Park’s lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows and ravines provided inspiration to Rudyard Kipling for his famous novel, The Jungle Book.
Tiger is symbol of wilderness and well-being of the ecosystem. By conserving and saving tigers the entire wilderness ecosystem is conserved. In nature, barring human beings and their domesticates, rest of the ecosystem is wild. Hence conserving wilderness is important and crucial to maintain the life support system. So saving tiger amounts to saving the ecosystem which is crucial for man's own survival.
If u want to make a difference, make your voices heard. Join the Roar. Join the campaign "Save our tigers"  

To know more about tigers visit :
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sorry !!

To Err is Human, to love is also human.
Every time u muttered those never ending statements, i became deaf. 
Every time u rose with excitement after seeing, i never saw it. 
Every time u asked for time, i never had a second. 
Every time u held my hands, my hands slipped away. 
Every time i praised u, u never liked my style.
Every time u looked at me into my eyes, i never could look back.
Every time i hurt u, i could never see the tears in your eyes.

The winds swayed away the branches of trees, but never even touched me. 
My heart is stony, no it ain't, but its scarred, but not afraid. 
Life is not all about love, but love has a lot to do in life.
Life is never A B C D E, its always COMPLICATED!!
Things mite be out of my reach, but i can always lend u a helping hand.
Good times mite never come, but times can be good with me.
Wander your eyes for sometime, winds will sway your way.
It may not be the right way, but it will be your way. 

Gods may not be helpful, but i won't repent my chances.
Moments spent with you were special, but i can't go on. 
Never wanted to be Brutus
Can't see the pain in your eyes anymore.
Can't see the guilt in your acts anymore.
Can't see the hope in your mind anymore.
Can't keep u hurting anymore.
Sorry !!!

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