Sunday, December 30, 2007

Birthday RAp !!

This Rap is dedicated for my dear friend Anoushka on her birthday.. Happy birthday Dear.. Hope u like it..

Everybody in da houze
hear up....
make sum room for da funky chick
Anoushka a.k.a noushys here
yo 31D is a bigga day
No bro its not ur holiday
happy bday is here , 4 noushy today
Watch ur mouth people she ain't any normal chick
kewl, sexy , intelligent, beautiful r all her names
No homie u ain't gettin her in ur click.
Cakes and candles make them look alrite
Actually dear, wanna splash tht cake in ya face
Make no drama, you're the coolest
So rock out and peace out
and sing that bloody birthday song.
Which song. Oh tht song !!!
Nothings wrong just bored wid da same ol' song...
Mourinhos gone, Santa is gone, Lady !!
prepare a song thts wild and strong
to keep dese dawgs staring long...
Lets get high, raise our bikes 2 da sky..
No gal u ain't flying, u're just high.
But buckle up
coz when u gonna read this
you gona really fly....

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Im taking a break from my hibernation into studies and posting here to mourn the tragic death of Benazir Bhutto. Its sad to see great leaders like her falling victim to terrorism in the world.
She was the only female prime minister of Pakistan. She was the eldest child of former premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto , a Pakistani of Sindhi extraction, and Begum ("Lady") Nusrat Bhutto, a Pakistani of Iranian
- Kurdish extraction. Its sad that her Whole family, Her father , brothers all died of unnatural deaths..
Being an Indian, many would wonder why im talking so much about a pakistani leader. India and Pakistan always had their differences between them. It was her initiative with former Indian prime minister Late Rajiv Gandhi , during her reign as prime minister as Pakistan , started a better relationship withe the 2 countries, and I salute her for that. Ironically both the former Prime Ministers , Rajiv Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto were assassinated by suicide bombings.. I guess good people don't live longer , but both have put a mark on their respective political arena.
She was a great visionary. Although she had her share of trials against her for corruption, what impresses me the most is she stood straight and strong as a Leader in the much orthodox country Pakistan. Being a Woman, She surely faced lots of criticism and problems, but she overcame all. And Now after so many year of exile, despite having so many threats to her life , she stepped back in pakistan for the betterment of the country, for transforming the country into a more democratic outfit. She was brave enough to step forward , knowing the fact that she cud be killed any moment. She survived one assassination attempt, but couldn't survive the next.
Its not only a big loss to Pakistan, but to the entire political world.. May her soul Rest in Peace.
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