Thursday, June 03, 2010

Baby give me some sign..

hey gal ive been watching u everyday.. 
sumtin doesnt seem right, 
we chat on the line, 
we talk on the phone
nothing seems so bright. 

I know ure sad baby, 
but lemme help u, lemme hold ya hand 
I can see it in yo'r eyes, 
the tears waiting to change into ten thousand cries, 
take ya fears out , believe in you gal. 

Even if ya dnt wanna talk to me, 
heya i really dnt mind gal, as long as ure happy. 
I know u dnt wanna se me no more 
I aint complaining, 
will be waiting by the shore.
But baby give me some sign!! 

baby but remember u r the only one 
sumtin about u make me believe ure the number one.. 
I know u in lotta pain, u never wanna show ya nyone 
u keep smiling, n keep everyone around ya happy 
I wont trouble u. 
throw it out, kick it out , peel it off.. 
i'l be waiting by ya window to catch all ya pains.. 
its no fun, its no gain. 
but i aint bothering, as long as i see ya real smile.

wanna be beside ya all the time
be part of every li'l crime .
until it gives u the chill thru ya spine. 
I will be gone forever gal.. 
but baby give me one sign !!!

Take care yo.. 

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