Sunday, March 30, 2008

Funny Kids !!!!

Some Really Funny Kids... U gotta watch all of them....

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Super Duper Sunday !!!

This Sunday is a big day in English Premier league... The top 4 teams go head to head against each other what could be a decider for the title race..

A tough game.. But i think the match will be a Draw 1-1 with liverpool showing some guts to
salvage a Draw....

This game would be Another cracker.. i would go for 2-1 win for Arsenal. I know some one wudnt agree wid me. :P Go Gunners....


Manchester United dominated the game and defeated liverpool 3-0

Chelsea Vs Arsenal was a very hard fought and physical game... Chelsea came back from a goal down to snatch a famous victory 2-1 the final score.. all goals coming in 2nd half. They moved to 2nd place 5 points behind leaders Manchester United...

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Used Auto Parts

I recently came across a website for used automobile parts and automobile wrecking whose base is in Canada and now also in the U.S in New York.
This auto wreckers company goes by the name Standard Auto Wreckers. They are the leading Auto wreckers in Canada. They buy vehicles for wrecking and scrap. Parts are either sold Off the Shelf ready to go, or UPIC, where you pick your parts from the UPIC section of their yard.
They also buy used auto parts for sale and wrecking. They have a huge inventory of parts to choose from. and each one is cleaned, repaired, tested and ready to use. It ranges from engines, axles, steerings to body panels, doors, auto glass, gas tanks, radiators etc. and what more u get same day shipping and extended warranty on all parts. Standard also has a complete Tire shop for all your Wheel and Tire needs.
Another highlight is the Aftermarket parts. Standard’s Aftermarket Parts Department has access to over 15,000 body repair parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, lamps, gas tanks, radiators, condensers and accessories for domestic and imported cars and trucks. Many Speciality parts like flywheels, door handles, tailgate cables etc are also available here. They give next day pick up in the Aftermarket department. They ensure there is full customer satisfaction.
The fun part is the their Free parts day.
Free Parts Days have become an annual event at Standard Auto Wreckers. On the specified weekends only, you pay $49.95 (incl. taxes) to enter our yard and remove all the parts you can carry out in your hands. You have access to more than 3000 cars and you can choose the part you're looking for. Isnt it fun ?

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pain No more

Time has come to make sum rap
its loads of crap.. who cares i like to rap bout sum crap...
lifes no cakewalk..
No man dont want more pain.. gimme sum good.
had lots of crap on my head...
No more tears, Need no one to wipe them either...
getta life stop livin in shadows..

U knw wht thers no 2nd chance...
gotta pounce or u aint gona shine
momma u alwys gave me the courage..
lost in a bit of rage..
im no exhausted wana fight till end.. until the fuckin back bends..
tired of smokin those blunts..
tired of those V-P shunts..
tired of those senseless hunts.
wana sumtin more of this old body brunt.
gime sum care, gime sum love, gime sum touch.. out of ur spare..
you try to match wits, you try to hold me but I bust through gonna make a break and take a fake..
no girlie dnt want tht stinkin shake..
thers sumtin thts gona break...
pay no heed its none of ur stupid business..
Ya one day im gona make it to guinness....
yu'll see why...
love u all coz u tolerate ma crap..
keep on crapping !!!!!
Peace out \ . . /

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Its Been a While !!

Hey people , its been long time since i posted... Lot of things r happening in my life...
Lots of disappointments and lots of bitter success.
disappointments r hard to take..
but thts wht makes u stronger..
sumtimes its hard to stay on ground..
but doesn't hurt to stay positive..
After all theres always jitteriness out of comfort zone..

Ive been quite busy..
hope to be more regular..
Regularising the irregularities is not my regular work...
Not used to too much irregularities...
i rather shut up my crap.. and
add sum rap L8R..........
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