Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gadgetman, are you ???

According to Wikipedia, A gadget is a small technological object (such as a device or an appliance) that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are invariably considered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal technological objects at the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes also referred to as gizmos.
 Our whole surrounding is laden with gadgets, which have become a part of our essential reality. Right from our birth, from the doctor's ultrasound machine, to dad's newly bought toy, to advent of mobile phones and music players, the microwave, or the HD television set, the whole world is drenched with gadgets.
But there is a common misconception among people, that gadgets define you. Though we buy gadgets suiting our personality. It helps us do our office work at home, n the go, browse internet, travel across places using interactive maps, light ur cigarette, cool your mind with your favorite music. With the amount of applications in everyday gadgets, it make life simpler for people from all walks of life alike.

A device or gadget is mostly used these days as a status symbol, than a utility instrument. An actor or a CEO can't walk with a black and white display mobile, or a lower range laptop. It would be more embarrassing for the person. At the same time, If a new student in a college walks with an iphone, he is rich, cool, and the most happening guy in college.
 At the same time, changing the looks or modifying the old device, by squeaking minor changes, has a huge impact. Imagine your old car, with a new shiny coating and colour, your old phone with a new and trendy external body, or your laptop with a personalized body.
 I have a Windows mobile phone, which does give some sophistication to my personality, but does not define who I am. It helps me a lot to collect all the medical stuff in one place.
  I can display important power point presentation through my mobile. There are apps these days to directly transfer medical patient data to your PDA, though its present in only sophisticated equipment. I personalize it as much as possible, to my favorite ringtone and favorite team's wallpaper. I have a game joystick, coz i love games. And i have a wireless bluetooth headset for music.
  But in this era, we are too much dependent on gadgets, like if u have not worn your watch on a day to office,  you feel like having forgotten to wear a shirt, and if you have forgotten your mobile, its worse, feels like you have forgotten your underwear. The face to face interaction between us has reduced a lot because of gadgets. We spend way too many hours on the computer or mobile. Children prefer to play games on the computer, than to play outside sports. The sedentary lifestyle, the leaning chair hours, has reduced the health quotient.
  Dell has come with new range of Inspiron laptops, 14R and 15R, with 2nd  generation Intel core processors. Attractive feature is the personalized laptop lids, which you can change within seconds. Choose a colour that suits your personality. Whether or not, it will revitalize your personality, its for you to decide.
   This post is an entry for the contest Change is Easy at IndiBlogger. You may visit the Dell Inspiron page here. If you have liked whatever ive written, please promote it here.
Here is a just a funny cartoon to keep u smiling!!

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Sairam on 6:33 PM said...

Good post! I liked your cartoons. I have a thing for these cartoons and put one in every post even though I don't draw as well.
All the best.

Unknown on 6:36 PM said...

thanks sairam..
i dnt knw to draw either. .just attempting a few these days..

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