Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Weird thing about emergence!!

As an Anaesthesiologist, we need to give sedation and anaesthesia to patients for short or long surgeries and procedures. The Anaesthetic drugs have varied effect on patient's brains, and makes them have some weird dreams, hallucinations to almost nothing. During my practice, i ve come across some really funny statements by patients when coming out of anaesthesia.
Here are a few

"Am I Alive" 

"Dude, this stuff was great, never felt so high"

"Where is my bartender, i need more"

"You are great, you are like god to me"

"Am I home"

"Get me out of this Airplane"

"So how long the surgery is gonna take"

"Is it over already"

"You come to my home tonight, lets have some scotch"

"U din't give me enough drugs, i'l settle things when u come outside the hospital"

"Gosh , that was so long"  

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Look Refrained !!!

                                  Image Courtesy : http://web.me.com/zasharia/Site_9/mirrir.html

Looking into the eyes, he sees fear
Embossed with moistness,
Surrounded by Iris,
Well of Sadness is all so clear.

Soaring through all the thin red veins
Emotions filled with fragrance are gently felt
Yet so disconnected and all so faint.
Anger, Frustration fill those void.
In those lonely by lanes,
Turning around the corner, boards with signs
Lead every time to that slovenly well.

The skin feels so cold,
Lines have never been so bold,
Destiny calling maybe
All that is said, All that is done
All that thinking, All that screaming,
Never weft across that frigid soul.
Where have u gone?
Searched for u all this time, through the gawky glasses.
Lost in the uncertain viscera,
Drenched and stained with profane liquids.

Felt through the crux of cardiac force.
The excruciating pain, undying abuse
Shaking the spirit, like a shadow less man.
Faking the victory, like a spine less man.
Time and Again he wondered why
Where is my Identity, Where is Me,
As he looked into the Luminous being
Mirror is what, he called that being.

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