Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Weird thing about emergence!!

As an Anaesthesiologist, we need to give sedation and anaesthesia to patients for short or long surgeries and procedures. The Anaesthetic drugs have varied effect on patient's brains, and makes them have some weird dreams, hallucinations to almost nothing. During my practice, i ve come across some really funny statements by patients when coming out of anaesthesia.
Here are a few

"Am I Alive" 

"Dude, this stuff was great, never felt so high"

"Where is my bartender, i need more"

"You are great, you are like god to me"

"Am I home"

"Get me out of this Airplane"

"So how long the surgery is gonna take"

"Is it over already"

"You come to my home tonight, lets have some scotch"

"U din't give me enough drugs, i'l settle things when u come outside the hospital"

"Gosh , that was so long"  


10 cared to comment:

DocPanacea on 2:41 PM said...

Awesome post..!!! the last sentence was too good..!! hilarious..!!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 8:49 PM said...

thanks doc.. :)

pramriya on 12:45 AM said...

kewl, tht bartender one was hilarious!!

Saras on 10:44 PM said...

No one said, "Are you God"! Lol

s.H.a.S.h.I on 8:03 PM said...

thanks 4ur comment saras .. how ru?

Slumping on 12:13 AM said...

Nice post.

Ketmine gives a lot of hallucinations.

Shashi said...

yea ket does cause lot of hallucinations and delirium..

Truth Chariot on 4:23 PM said...

Neat Blog Doc. Good posts and look too.

Vimax Pills on 2:50 AM said...

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Vimax Original Solusi Pria Perkasa on 1:54 AM said...

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