Sunday, January 18, 2009

So much to Say... Little to write.....

These days i get very little time to come online and blog. I keep thinking about stuffs i need to express in my blog, but when i actually get time to write, i kinda forget what to write,. Its like a though block.
Has anyone faced with such situations. But for me it feels a bit familiar. 
Its happened to me quite a lot of times, Its like you are longing to talk to someone special for a long time. And keep thinking about what all to say to that person. But when finally time come , you sort of suddenly black out. Well thts very frustrating. 
My days at work are going pretty fast, from giving general anaesthesia, managing cardiac surgeries, Intensive care unit to going back to my bed at night thinking bout someone and somethings. Lifes been a rollercoaster..
I hope to keep blogging more often...
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