Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Know .....

I saw you after a long time you were waiting alone in the cafe..
I could see that sparkle in your eyes
when u saw me, walking on the alley-way
I could see that beautiful smile
When i waved at you
I know ...... that you were waiting for me..
When u came close to me,
My heart started beating faster,
Into never stopping arrythmias,
I know ..... you were feeling the same...
When u started talking
there was the same sweetness in ya voice...
so soothing like music to my ears..
Just wanted to keep listening..
I know ...... i couldn't hear anything else...
With every glance you gave me that real rush
I rose up in my seat feeling so blush
You flashed me your brilliant smile

felt like staring at you all the while
Watching you near after a long time..

I know ..... things wouldn't be the same...
Every hour with you was like a second
time flew by, but couldn't take my eyes of you.
The longing of my heart, the curiosity of my mind,
wanted to know more, know more about you
i know ..... time wouldn't be enough..
Goodbyes are never my favorite part,
Somewhere deep inside, felt incomplete
At one end was exalting joy,
other end was poignant sadness..
But it was time to face the truth.
I know ..... i would never be with you..

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Death - Hardest Part of Life

Why is Death so difficult to deal with. After all everyone has to die some time in life. But we humans are so entwined with emotions, its difficult to part from your loved ones.
As Doctors, we have to go through lots of deaths of patients. Its not easy to face death. Though we are not related to the patients, it hurts when a patient dies. After all he/she is a father, mother, brother or sister to someone. Breaking the news of death to relatives is the hardest part of any doctor's profession. We try best to save someone but many times its not in our hands. No one likes deaths, its painful, but we have to just get on with our lives.
Ive seen so many young , old patients wid small to grave problems. Sometimes i can't understand the ways of God or Mother nature. Ive seen young 7 month old babies wid such grave tumours, bigger than the size of football. what wrong the young child has done to get such a bad condition, such a life which ended even before it started. It hurts to see the hope in the mother's eye that her child will be cured eventually, which we know its not possible. Thts why we say, enjoy your life to the fullest, make good use of your life, help people, who knows whats in store for you tomorrow.
Life is cruel sometimes. We should rather be happy with what we have. Well yeah Death is the end of life, and hardest part of life. but for some Death maybe the best part of life.

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