Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A big Wedding, Interesting Train Journey and Cold weather

Last weekend, i went to one of my closest friend's wedding to the city of oranges, nagpur. That is where i spent my 5 years of education. It was a good feeling to go back to old times, old places.
Those clean roads, those honking two wheelers, those cycles, which cross ur lanes unexpectedly, its fun to go back to old times.
Its been so long not used to cold weather. The temperature over there was not at all friendly, with a freezing temperature of 5.3 degrees, coldest in the last 75 years, had to be the day i was there.. :)
Even large glasses of alcohol wasnt helping. Was just making my health worse. Was great to see my very good friend getting happily married. The happiness on her face was so evident. Wedding was a lavish affair, with all the groom's friends dancing to latest bollywood chartbusters and some even impersonating bollywood stars. Though even i wanted to be part of the stage, but coudn't help it, reached late for the whole event. The Reception was equally grand, with the bride and bridegroom both looking fabulous.
The time in nagpur wasnt that great due to my more frequent visits to the loo. The cold wasnt helping the body either. Not to mention I had a 4.30 am train to catch to get back to bangalore. To make the matters worse, the train was a whole 3 hrs and 30 mins late. I was really skeptical of catching this train, coz this train is always dirty, so forget bout loo. Just got into the train, found my seat and hit the bed. went to sleep, coz dint have a good sleep past couple of days.
Was just wondering, how im gonna spend my time, 24hrs in the train, after all its really long time. Luckily, i got few interesting co-passengers. One was a late 60s old man, another was an old lady must be about 75 years, and she was travelling alone from lucknow, was thinking this lady has guts to travel alone for such a long distance. Then there was a young late 20s techie. and young 20 something gal. Mind it very rarely happens, gals are there anywhere around me during a train journey, she was decent looking.
Earlier, 5-6 years back during MBBS, when me and my roommate used to travel by train back home to bbay from nagpur, It was customary to go and first check the passenger list, for all <25 year old females. Not That we used to do anything about it, even if there were females. Just used to be happy, a good looking chic is sitting beside us, which never used to happen... This time i was too sick and tired, to even get up of the seat.
I met a interesting 40 something guy, he was a vice principal of a management college in hyderabad. He had such a command in talking and convincing people. For some people, this skill comes so naturally, he was so charismatic and confident, impressed all the passengers nearby. Wasnt difficult to identify, hes a management guy. He even convinced the train Ticket checker to give a seat to one of the co-passengers, where it looked impossible, looking at the rush.
After a long journey was good to reach bangalore, though was 3 hrs late, but was a relief from the cold climate in the central part of india.
Best part of train and bus journey is u get to see the real india, looking forward to take some more trips in the future.
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