Friday, September 28, 2007

Shameful Act !!!

In the recent event of Arrival of Indian Cricket Team to Mumbai. They were on a drive in a bus from the Airport to Wankhede stadium for felicitation. The frantic Indian cricket fans in Mumbai came from all parts of the city to see the cricket team. There were thousands of people gathered at every nook and corner of the road.
There has been a incident of molestation on 2 college girls who were there too see the team. They were mishandled, groped and pushed by the whole mob. One among them even fell in a ditch. Its really disheartening to see some men behaving so cheaply. I mean how can do such thing to young girls. When such a incident occurs to their sister or mother then these people will understand. This is just 1 incident, the poor girls even after such a trauma, they had the courage to go and complain. There might have been so many incidents unreported. This is always a problem in our country. Whenever there is any huge crowd, such incidents happen all the time, all of them go unnoticed. Such people should be given very strict punishment.
Mumbai was supposed to be among the safest city in India, but such incidents makes me not so proud to be part of this city. Stand up against this kinda unsocial behavior.
You can read the full story here...
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unforgettable Moments !!!

Here are some of the pics from the ICC T20 WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS " INDIA "
The Whole tournament was a great hit . Each and every moment of India's game in the tournament was awesome, May it be Yuvraj's 6 sixes in an Over, Sreesanth's sledging and enthusiastic and very expressive bowling , RP's cool line and length bowling, Dinesh Karthik 's catch of the tournament, or Dhoni's Leadership.. Was just a perfect finish to the final.. Chak Diya India... Whatever people might say , but we Indians love cricket more than anything..This is a Great year for Indian Sport altogether . Win in Nehru Cup in Football, Asia cup champions in Hockey and now this.. India Rocks!!!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

If Only .......

On a beautiful Evening
As the sun started setting..
I saw her walking slowly in the September rain
If Only i cud tell her how i felt...

Met again on a busy Morning

As our eyes met,
hello was the word
she smiled,
and we became good friends
If Only she cud read my mind..

friendship was a beginning
But i wanted more,
wanted this ship to grow,
If Only i cud know her more..

One day everything changed
The sun wasn't shining brightly anymore
The sky wasn't blue anymore,
The grass weren't green anymore,
The pain was immense,
If Only i cud feel her pain..

Beckoning were the days of reality,
It wasn't my dream world,
As she laid calmly in her bed,
I cud see the anguish in her eyes,
As if there was some unfinished work
If Only i cud heal her..

But it was too late,
Oh great lord!!
If Only she had more time

If Only i cud tell her how happy i was with her

If Only i cud hold her in my arms
If Only i cud laugh with her
If Only i cud cry with her
If Only i cud dance with her in the rain

If Only i cud say 'I love U'
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some PJs !!!!

Tere lambe Zulfon ne iss tarah mera dil Jeeta ....

Tere lambe Zulfon ne iss tarah mera dil Jeeta ....

ki sin theta / cos theta = tan theta ....

Khidki se kya dekthi ho maar daalogi kya....

Khidki se kya dekthi ho maar daalogi kya....

Bhaav kyon nai deti achaar daalogi kya.....

Tere pyaar mein mera dil iss tarah roya....

Tere pyaar mein mera dil iss tarah roya....

Aaj roya
Kal roya
Parso Zoya !!!

Kaash mere dil ke awaaz ka itna asar ho....

Ki hum unhe yaad karen

Aur unhe SMS aajaye

Woh kaun hai jo dil mein hai par dhadkan mein nai....

Woh kaun hai jo mann mein hai par jaan mein nai....




Amir Khan !!!

P.S - dnt kill me after reading this :)
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Check Out My Celebrity Look Alikes

Check out urs too and let me Know.. Enjoy!!!
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

In you Face!!!! Spurs !!

It was just a photo-finish in the recent English premier league Match when Tottenham Hotspurs hosted Arsenal in White Hart Lane.

Arsenal were trailing 0-1 at half time. Manager Arsene Wenger might have given a inspirational advice at half time, Arsenal came back strongly and blasted 3 goals in the second half, to eventually grab an away win 3-1. Emmanuel Adebayor scored 2 goals , 2nd Goal by Adebayor was a Cracker, as well as the goal by Fabregas. This was just the win all the Arsenal supporters were longing for. Well Of course, Arsenal survived some silly mistakes by the spurs. I would say it was a well deserving win!! Go Gunners !!!

In your Face Spurs!!!!!!

Check out the goals here
E.Adebayor 1-1
Cesc Fabregas 2-1
E.Adebayor 3-1

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Friday, September 14, 2007


Tag from Anoushka a.k.a Nousy Syah. on eight random facts about me.

Tagging rules: 1. Each blogger must post these rules 2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves 3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. 4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read ur blog.

1> Im Shashikant , Usually people call me Shashi, u can call it as my nickname.
Im a Doctor, and im proud to be one. Ive been given the chance to save lives. I want to serve the Society and people in whatever ways i can.

2> Twins - Ive a Twin brother. It always feels great to have a twin, u are the center of attraction always. We share a great rappo with each other. but peculiar thing is that, Since childhood, we never ever share clothes and other stuff. His belongings are His, Mine are mine. Very few stuff are ours. Strange Isn't it??

3> Patriotism - I am a very patriotic about my country. I love my country and countrymen and of course countrywomen too :) . I am very emotional regarding matters c
oncerning India. I cannot tolerate any person maligning the image of my country . It just feels so proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind !!

4> Travelling & Adventure Sports - Though i cannot afford a lot of adventure sports. i love to do crazy stuff. Ive done Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Scuba Diving,
Para gliding etc etc. not much of the stuffs. But ive enjoyed every bit of it. Scuba Diving was the best experience ever in Lakshadweep Islands which is one of the islands of India. Its like a New world Under the sea. I like to travel too. Its just great to pack ur bags and leave for a fully unplanned tour. when i start earning big bucks, I plan to spend quite an amount on Travelling to different countries. Adjacent is the picture of the Nemo fish, coming out of the corals, my friend captured it in his camera, taken in Lakshadweep. Isn't is Beautiful?

5> Love - I'l put up what I feel in one single sentence.
" Love Those Who Love You"

6> Accident prone - Since Childhood, Ive been so much accident prone. From head injury when i was One to bad bike Accidents few years back, I have been like on the edge of a cliff all the time. And the best part i have always overcome all these things to be successful till now. Its just made me a person with a strong will power. I just pity my parents who had to go through lot of stress through all my such ordeals... lol :)

7> Practical Life - I believe in Living a Practical life. I don't believe rebirths and past lives and all. I believe what you are today is all you have, don't rely too much on the past or the future. Life is short. Use it to the fullest.

8> My passions - i love football, cricket . And I am a die hard supporter of Arsenal Football Club. Not much into books. Love dancing , planning to learn more and more styles of dancing. And I Love to sing too.. But most of the time others hate to listen to me. :) . Last but not the least Girls :)

Well thats all i could remember about me rite now ... hehe..

8 Bloggers, i would like to tag
>>> Vinay
>>> Nisha
>>> Lavanya
>>> Aarti
>>> Little Writer
>>> Anusha
>>> Akansha
>>> Supriya

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gooner in Me!!

Above picture is of the English Club ARSENAL Squad for the year 2007/08..
Since 5-6 years ive been a big fan of Arsenal. Arsenal players are also called as 'gunners' and the fans 'gooners', symbolizing the canon in the Arsenal Logo.. Last few seasons, they haven't been doing well, But this year they have started positively even without the famous Thierry Henry , who moved to barcelona.. They have won 3 matches and drawn 1 out of the 4 matches played..
This saturday is a crucial clash against London rival Tottenham hotspurs. Its called a Derby match. All derby matches r close encounters, with lotta expectations from fans n management. I hope they do well, and show spurs that they r a better team. My prediction is that Arsenal will win 2-1.. Lets see how the match goes.
Come on Arsenal !!!!
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Basics of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

In our day to day life, We may face with emergency situations when a person near might collapse or stop breathing and you don't know what to do. So I am jotting down some basics of Resuscitation, which everyone must know.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly called CPR, combines rescue breathing (one person breathing into another person) and chest compression in a lifesaving procedure performed when a person has stopped breathing or a person's heart has stopped beating.
When performed quickly enough, CPR can save lives in such emergencies as loss of consciousness, heart attacks or heart attacks, electric shock, drowning, excessive bleeding, drug overdose, and other conditions in which there is no breathing or no pulse. The purpose of CPR is to bring oxygen to the victim's lungs and to keep blood circulating so oxygen gets to every part of the body. When a person is deprived of oxygen, permanent brain damage can begin in as little as four minutes and death can follow only minutes later.

In our Medical practice, We have been thought to always remember the " ABCs of Resuscitation". It means first you look for the A- Airway, then B- Breathing and finally C- Circulation. Airway Implies to check whether any object, foreign body or food material is blocking the Oral cavity, Air passage or the structures nearby. Breathing is checked by putting your ears or hand in front of the patient's nose, if present u will feel the warm gush of air. And Finally Circulation implies whether the patient's heart is pumping blood to other parts of the body which is felt by checking the pulse, preferably the 'Carotid Pulse' in the Neck. Every time the Resuscitation done should be in this order, which is vital for survival.

CPR in basic life support
Always First step if you see any victim who has collapsed, immediately call for Medical Help.
In the meanwhile, you can resuscitate the victim as shown in the adjoining picture.

Figure A: The victim should be flat on his back and his mouth should be checked for debris, foreign body etc.
Figure B: If the victim is unconscious, open airway, lift neck, and tilt head back.
Figure C: If victim is not breathing, begin artificial breathing. It is done by closing the victim's nose with one hand, with the other hand open the victim's mouth, take a deep breath and blow into the victim's mouth directly as shown in the figure. Give four quick full breaths.
Figure D: Check for carotid pulse.
Figure E: If pulse is absent, begin artificial circulation by depressing the central bone of chest called Sternum.
Remember while giving the thrust on Sternum you should use your heel of the hand and keep your elbows straight. The thrust should be directly from the shoulders. Take precaution that you don't press too forcibly or else you will break the rib of the patient. The sternum should be pumped at a rate about 100/min with sternum sufficiently depressed up to 4-5 cm
Figure F: Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of an infant.
The Resuscitation is conventionally given in the form of 2 successive breaths for every 15 chest compressions

I hope this might have given you some idea of resuscitation, If you have further doubts, I will be grateful to help.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Life As a Doctor !!!

As a Doctor , while on duty, everyday u see tons of patients, care for them , treat them in a best possible way. Every time u have to be very careful , not to be too emotionally attached to a patient. Because Once u get emotionally attached to a patient, and if anything happens to the patient , u kinda feel really bad. U start putting blame on yourself that u were not able to help him or her..
Once there was a young boy named Prashant who was brought to casualty, I was in my medicine posting then. The fellow had consumed insecticides, and was in a very critical stage, every one were running here and there , which by the way was a usually a normal scene during a busy night in casualty. I went to see the patient, he was really in a bad state, i checked his vitals, did some preliminary investigations, and send a SOS for my senior because it was a complicated suicidal poisoning case. He came immediately , and we started aspirating all the poison from his stomach, becoz if there is any poisons left unabsorbed from his stomach, we can reduce the poisoning.
As we were trying to revive him , he suddenly collapsed, i Looked at his pulse, cudnt get any.. So we immediately started CPR and shifted him to our Intensive Care Unit, where he was put on a ventilator , to support his breathing . So now as i was in charge of ICU, i was awake whole night monitoring him , as all my seniors went to their rooms. I thought what would have driven such a young boy to commit suicide. I feel very sad when people commit suicide, we have been gifted a life , we should make full use of it. Problems are there in every1's life , but suicide cannot justify anything..
As days passed by , he remained unconscious, there was very little voluntary activity. He just used to open his eyes a bit , see here and there . Once, again during my night duty, I was on my routine check up of all the patients in ICU. I was tired i wanted to finish all the work and have a seat. I went to prashant to check his BP, i tied the cuff around his arms, suddenly , he moved his hand, and caught hold of my hand, i was really taken aback, was shocked. I looked at him, with his eyes half open, was trying to say some something to me. But I could here nothing more than a whisper. I said " kuch samajh nai araha hai, Kaisa lag raha hai abhi?" (cant understand what you are saying, How are you feeling now?) . He dint say anything, Just smiled at me, and closed his eyes.
I was happy First time , he has responded well to medications. I told his mom that today, he opened his eyes and was trying to tell something, tears rolled out of her eyes. She said, " doctor sahab, aap jitna bhi kar rahe hain , uska aapko kaise shukriya karenge pata nai. aap to mere liye bhagwan hai" ( Doctor How much ever you are doing , i dont know how will i repay you, You are like a god to me) . That was really moving, i just calmly went and sat in my chair. First time i felt the will to live in Prashant. His smile spoke a thousand words, in a way telling me thank you for your help, I want to live now, I'l be alright in a few days.
Days passed by , his condition started improving. I made it a point to visit him everyday, even if i wasnt posted in ICU. One night i was strolling in the hospital corridor, i thought i would make a visit to ICU, i coudnt find him inside. As his condition was improving , they might have shifted him to the ward, So went to male ward coudnt find him there either. I thought wow, he has recovered very speedily, and even been discharged. I just happened to see the ICU nurse in the corridor, so i just enquired about prashant . What she said was a real shocker for me . Prashant died earlier night of cardiac arrest.
For a minute, i dint know what to do.. i never expected this. I was really shaken. I never knew that the 'Smile' meant Goodbye.....

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