Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What is freedom?

An oppressed nation which got free from the british rule in 1947, still comes to terms with the fact of a free, sovereign, democratic country. But i just asked myself what is freedom actually? do we feel free as indians.
I realised freedom is so subjective like happiness. When we had the British rule in India, our lives revolved around getting a decent job under the ruling british government and get humiliated as slaves time an again. The timid ones were happy and contented with the freedom they had. While the rebellious lot started an uprising and got india the hard fought freedom. The whole nation rose with joy and bliss for the start of a new era under indian sovereign economy.
       65 Years later where do we stand. Everyone wants a freedom. As we are so busy with our own lives to earn the daily bread, we keep complaining about our horrible bosses, our corrupt political system, our loud landlord, our financial and emotional problems. The issues are plenty, the need for freedom is unending.  Day in and day out time flies, just makes me wonder what have i done which actually makes my country a better place than it was under a ruler. Though we've all served the society in some or other way, a teacher has imparted education to make us a more litterate nation, as a doctor ya it gives immense contentment in treating the poor n needy, an entrepreneur has bought business and economical gain to the nation. Sportsmen have put us on the map so that the world over we are recognized. But is it enough, our political system seems to be in the drain as usual, corruption has extrapolated massively, innocent tax payers' money has been misused. Atleast in last decade we have become an ignorant and complacent nation. No one wants to take a bold step unless and until its bothering you. No one wants to go into the well and clean it. Everyone is happy sucking water from the top, well that includes me too.
      The politicians run the country whichever way they want, and we are just puppets to it. The Anna Hazare campaign did raise some valid points, but their uprising just got diverted from the main issue, due to few irresponsible members. Anna hazare and his group have decided to run for elections, which is a great move, to fight the system by being in the system not from outside the system, in a democratic way. I am sure they can hire able members to form the party who have a decent level of education and have an understanding constitution and economy. We as indians need to come out of our routine, mundane lives to actually make a difference in whichever way we can.

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