Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Open Letter to a Mumbai Bai !!!

Yo people, whassup? Kay chaalla aahes
The Indian Bai, or specifically the mumbai bai are a group of sophisticated people, who have varied interests in different fields. This letter is dedicated to them.
Mumbai Bai, when u come late daily, use a better excuse than aaj bahut traffic tha or koi bimaar hai.
 When u come to my home when nobody is der atleast keep the volume down when u are playing dink chaak marathi songs.
When u don't come for one day, the whole day, the house is such a mess, well its a mess even when u come, though we don't see it.
When u come to make sabzi for home, what to say, where do u get that zehrila mirchi, fumes come out everytime from everywhere.
Its always fun, when u come home n say "aap ko pata hai aaj uppar waale ghar mein kya hua" its fun to hear thos lovely bits of gossips, just don't go to uppar waala ghar n say "aap ko pata hai aaj neeche waale ghar mein kya hua" . Gossips just get more fun when u have company at home to enjoy ur gossips..
And we all love ur expert comments on reality shows and Tv serials. God only knows what will we do without u. Its never fun to watch a TV serial without u around.
And when u give advise regarding what kinda job, and which place i have to work, feel like idolizing u :P
Yes i would have to check the company credentials, apply to the company, clear the interview, but who cares, u have given the approval, thats enough.
When u take care of kids, its just amazing how u r able to talk with ur companions continuously for 2 hours and still look after the child. kudos.
And for the ladies, if u need tips on fashion, who else could be a better mentor than your bai. U'l get all the help regarding clothes and jewelry. 
These days, we r even scared to fight with u, coz u get ur whole sena to argue against us. 'The Bai Union'

But there are some Bai-s who are really helpful, take care of household chores, give a motherly care to children, don't expect big favors in return. Bravo to all of them.
To the Rest, Don't forget to read my post.

Disclaimer: This post is just written in a humorous sense, not to malign anyone's image.

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