Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Adult Stem Cell Treatment A Possible Antidote For Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy is a term that means "heart muscle disease." It is also a term describing a series of disorders causing primary heart muscle dysfunction in both men and women, often leading to heart failure or sudden death. It is estimated that dilated cardiomyopathy, the most common form of cardiomyopathy is responsible for 10,000 deaths each year in the United States. There is no known cure.

Now, Theravitae, an international biotechnology company based in Thailand, claim they have a new possible panacea for dilated cardiomyopathy -- Theravitae's adult stem cell therapy. Theravitae's patented adult stem cell therapy, VesCell, is proving a lifeline to all those heart patients who do not wish their lives to be characterized by restricted activity, low energy, pain, cost and brevity. One of their biggest success stories is Michigan native, Jason Ludwick.

Jason Ludwick aged 34 from West Bloomfield, Michigan, counts himself a lucky man. Born with an atrial septal defect, by the time he was 15 he had a pacemaker; by 21 he was diagnosed as having cardiomyopathy and by 25 he had a defibrillator in place and an ejection fraction of just 8-10 percent. Heart failure dominated and restricted his life until he received adult stem cell therapy. Now he says that with training he could do a triathlon.

His mother searched for help after he was removed from a heart transplant list. He was then left only with medications, some of which had unpleasant side-effects and he felt constantly tired and depressed as he went back and forth to specialists having his medications reviewed. And then his mother found Theravitae, the Israeli-Thai researcher and developer of adult stem cell therapy, and Dr. Patel from the University of Pittsburgh. After being examined by Dr. Patel, Jason's life was about to change.

Dr. Patel felt that adult stem cells could help Jason, so he flew to Bangkok where a small amount of his blood was withdrawn and the stem cells that could help his heart were harvested in a laboratory then injected directly into his heart muscle at Bangkok Heart Hospital. Just one month later, Jason knew his life was going to change, "My heart was beating better, more rhythmically, and I had more energy," he said. "After six months I was up and flying, feeling 100 percent different. I could mow the lawns, take walks, ride a bike with my kids, lift weights -- do whatever I liked," he said. "I'm always on the go with our fifth child on the way and always busy as a full-time parent."

Jason has always enjoyed a huge level of support from his family and friends, but is very happy to spend time advising other cardiomyopathy sufferers of the power of positive thinking. "Always try to be positive," he counsels. "There is hope. Take care of your diet and help get the word out that adult stem cell therapy is worth getting done. It's nothing like what you would have thought." He loves helping Theravitae as a patient volunteer, talking to patients contemplating flying to Thailand for the help that is currently unavailable in the U.S.

The trend will continue to grow as more and more people become aware that they cannot be harmed by a therapy that uses their own adult stem cells and that the procedures are straightforward, effective and performed in world-class hospitals by skilled, often eminent, heart specialists. Most encouraging clinical outcomes are being supported by research findings as well as by patient report.

About TheraVitae

TheraVitae is a private, multinational company focused on using stem cells from the patient's own blood in order to treat a variety of disorders, especially cardiovascular diseases. The company has developed a proprietary stem cell technology, 'VesCell', that is currently being used by hospitals in Thailand and Singapore to treat patients with heart disease and peripheral artery disease.

VesCell -- A Natural Treatment for Heart Disease and Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

The body has natural ways of healing itself and the cardiovascular system is no exception. Angiogenic Cell Precursors (ACPs) originate in bone marrow and then circulate in the blood vessels. To manufacture VesCell, TheraVitae expands a small number of ACPs harvested from about 250cc of blood into a therapeutic quantity. VesCell is injected either through a coronary artery via catheter, or during surgery, directly into the heart muscle.

A key aspect of VesCell therapy is the advanced cell isolation and expansion technique that allows for the ACPs to be harvested from blood collected in a procedure similar to a common blood donation. VesCell uses a patient's own adult stem cells to treat Heart Disease and PAD and is a viable therapeutic possibility for heart or PAD patients without any other treatment option.

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Carry On KARTHIK-ing

Today was a Great day for our Indian openers... They had a cool 147 run stand for the opening wicket in the 2nd Test Match of 3 test match series against England at trentbridge...
Both Wasim Jaffer and Dinesh Karthik played confidently to see off the swinging new ball and then stepping up on the aggression button after 1st hr of indian innings... Well the youngster Dinesh karthik was aggressive rite from the start, played sum outstanding shots.. He had his share of luck. He was clean LBW to Monty Panesar when he was in early 40s, but was luckily judged Not Out.. And also played sum loose shots , n was also beaten many times by the England seamers... But after all If u have th guts to take risks, then wht the heck go for it..
What i like bout him is his fighting spirit, and his commitment for the team.. He really adapted very well to his New role in the opening slot.. Interestingly hes scored more runs wid an Avg. of 68 sumtin as an opening Batsman than in his earlier No. 7 spot where he averages just bout 28..
Its so gud to see fresh youngsters like him coming forward and taking up the challenges n responsibility... What impresses me most is that he is always ready to take any kinda challenge posed to him by captain Dravid, whether its Opening the batting or fielding at the slips...
Well at times he gets a bit carried away, like last test in Lords' where he dropped a sitter off Andrew Strauss.. Such mistakes have to be fine tuned. Thers always room for improvement..
On the other hand, Wasim Jaffer is always so cool headed, always composed had many ups n downs in his career, Hes slowly started giving sum good performances for the team..
Earlier Indian bowlers cleaned up the tail, wid sum cool googlies frm Anil Kumble n sum fiery fast Bowling from Zaheer Khan.. England were bowled out for 198... At the end of Day 2, India stands at 254/3 wid Sachin Tendulkar completing his Fifty n Sourav Ganguly at the other end of the crease.. Indians shud aim for sumtin around 400-450.. So they dnt have to bat again , n hunt the English batsman for an Innings win.. Lets see how the match shapes up tomorrow..
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Indian Football

Indian Football team are on a Tour to Portugal and they have fixtures against four 2nd division sides.. Till now Indians have drawn the 1st game and won the other 2 wid our established football wizard Bhaichung Bhutia scoring 4 goals till now...
I was so happy to see our national football team has finally started winning games abroad.. under the high profile English coach Bob Houghton... whts disheartening is none of the newspapers or news channels are highlighting our wins.. Bhutia n company cud only manage a maximum of approx. 4*4 block in most of the newspapers. This is the state of all sports in India except cricket ... For tht matter even International football news have a more than half page story...Its media's job to make the sports like football n hockey popular, If they give more coverage, add sum lucrative contests, give prize tickets for the game n all, I dnt see ny problem selling a game...
I mean ya here in India, we all like English premier League, Spanish La Liga, or the Champions League, and Im also a big big Fan of English Club Arsenal, but im not able to connect wid those players tht well as i can for any Indian team , may it be cricket , Football or the once so popular Hockey.... How great wud be if one day we had a Indian League which becomes popular worldwide, i mean like the English n Spanish clubs they have fan clubs all over the world...
I just hope one day like Arsenal, Mancheshter United, Chelsea n all Even Indian Clubs like East Bengal, Mohun Bagan , Mahindra United, Dempol reach Great heights and International Status....
Chak de India!!!! Keep it up... Ab Manzil door nai!!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mumbai -5th Honest City in the World

Mumbai is judged the 5th honest city in the world. Well tht was kinda surprising for me... Well im not sure how did these people conducted this survey.. But kinda good to hear tht...
I dnt knw whether people here r honest. but theyre definitely people wid big hearts. Most of the people r really helpful. Its the spirit of Mumbaikars, tht i absolutely love , may it be the Floods , 7/11 train blasts, or the recent building collapse in borivili. They're always der to help other people in difficult times..
Recently a friend of mine came to this city frm a not so big city alone for searching a job. A gal alone in a new city, seems a bit tuff for the gal to face. But people here are so helpful. u'l never get lost in mumbai.. And wid the efficiency of our transport system, the local trains, the B.E.S.T buses, autos n taxis, U can go frm 1 end of mumbai to other end in just mere 20 bucks... But ofcourse i wont say mumbai has world class transport facilities.. But i wud say its the best in India. Nowhere in India u'l find such an efficient transport system, though many a times buses n trains r late.. but a spare a thght for the driver too theres too much traffic in mumbai... its very difficult to be on time. although not impossible...
And i wud vouch for the fact tht mumbai is the safest city in the country for the gals... For instance take Delhi, being the capital of the country , its not at all safe for gals... every other day there is a case of molestation, rapes. Its so painful ... Of course these crimes even occur in mumbai.. But comparatively Mumbai is far far better.. Recently I went to delhi , the shopkeeper n people r so rude der.. was so frustrated handling them.. Mumbai usually thts not a case..
Well exceptions r always der... der r people who r faced wid very bad experiences in Mumbai... koi kuch bhi kahe, Im just proud to be a 'Mumbaikar'
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Arsenal Always

k now i to talk bout sumtin i love.... Arsenal Football club....wud like
On the left is the new Away kit for this season.. Kinda cheeky isnt it??
well i love this club a lot... the new season is gonna begin in august, can wait for it... k this yr's gonna be really tuff.. even if we manage 2nd place i'l be really happy.... thierry henry , our main striker left for barcelona.. and not too many signings this yr too... so iam just crossing my fingers... well but Arsene wenger, the manager , has signed sum new faces... like eduardo de silva, bakari sagna n all.. .well they r quite young not expecting wonders frm them .. Just hoping these youngsters can miraculously revive our depleted side... lets see....
I hate to say this but Manchester united and liverpool have got sum really great players this time... they stand a more realistic chance for a shot at the title... Nevertheless miracles do happen!!!
We have this cool yet to be official Arsenal Mumbai Fan Club.... we have got cool jerseys made exclusively for our club.. .cant wait to get my jersey .... im really excited.. We r on the process of making this club an Official Arsenal Supporters' Club.... But it mite take a while... Though im not able to participate in the club events much, i keep posting my views in our orkut community... Well i just hope, the day is not far when the great Arsene Wenger visits our Club right here in Mumbai..... Wow , that will be like 'legendary'....

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Im Back!!!!

K its been a while since i last posted in my blog.... been struggling wid my career... sum1 told me blogging is the best way to rent out ur frustrations..... but well... i want to write more thn just bout my frustrations... ya every goes thru tuff period in their life... the one who manages to stand his ground emerges to be winner in life.. Well my story is tht ive been studyin since last 1 and a half yrs to get into a decent masters seat... but my good times have still not come... but im not a person who gives up easily... well here im back studyin again givin my next shot at these examinations... Being a doctor in India is tough... At one side thers the respect, joy, satisfaction u get after treating ur patients, and other side is the struggle which every doc faces to go to the next step. For a Doc , life begins at 30, Well till then ure a parasite surviving on ur parents' money. I just hate tht feeling.... But as sum1 has rightly said, 'Not every1s life is a fairy tale' .. We all have to work hard to achieve our goals in life.. and i'l give my best shot this time achieve my aim.....
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