Sunday, July 22, 2007

Im Back!!!!

K its been a while since i last posted in my blog.... been struggling wid my career... sum1 told me blogging is the best way to rent out ur frustrations..... but well... i want to write more thn just bout my frustrations... ya every goes thru tuff period in their life... the one who manages to stand his ground emerges to be winner in life.. Well my story is tht ive been studyin since last 1 and a half yrs to get into a decent masters seat... but my good times have still not come... but im not a person who gives up easily... well here im back studyin again givin my next shot at these examinations... Being a doctor in India is tough... At one side thers the respect, joy, satisfaction u get after treating ur patients, and other side is the struggle which every doc faces to go to the next step. For a Doc , life begins at 30, Well till then ure a parasite surviving on ur parents' money. I just hate tht feeling.... But as sum1 has rightly said, 'Not every1s life is a fairy tale' .. We all have to work hard to achieve our goals in life.. and i'l give my best shot this time achieve my aim.....

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Aarthi on 9:53 AM said...

Hey Shashi..dnt feel bad tht u r still happens to be like tht for sum..esp doctors...think abt the gifted profession u r into--->saving lives.N it is really bold to declare "I'll give my best shot this time" coz once u hav said tht thr r more chances for u to achieve it.

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