Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Temps à Hibernate

Hey friends Ive come to this juncture in my Life to put all the efforts to set my career rite.
So Im going into a Hibernation from the blogging World..
It might be more than a months' time. But i'l be popping in some comments in your blogs whenever i get time..
Hope to get back to blogging soon..
Adios ..

Till then you can check out some of my older Posts.. Ive assorted the ones which u might find interesting ...

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And ya one post from my Newly found skill :) Oktober Rap

Bye Friends , take care everyone
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Something about You !!

Everytime i see You,
I see something special in you..

Thers something special about your Eyes
Those sparkling eyes gives me a ray of hope everytime is see you
Gives a sense of rejuvenated spirit,
An undying attitude and determination to carry on
Thers something about You..

Thers something special about your Smile
Your every smile is Priceless,
Speaks more than a thousand words,
As if Saying Im always there
Thers something about You..

Thers something special about your beautiful Hair
Your hair move so smoothly wid every gush of wind,
As if playing hundreds of violins in a symphony.
Thers something about You..

Mirrors say, 'you make us look beautiful'
Flowers say, 'your every touch helps us to bloom'
Birds chirp wid joy seeing you so fresh in the morning glow
Every Rain drop that rolls down your cheek, glistens wid purity
The stillness and calm in you is like that of a slow flowing stream.
Thers something about You.

I thank the Almighty
for sending you in my life,
for making me understand,
the meaning of beauty....
Thers something about You.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Vision 2108

In the wake of the whole technological boom, imagine what kind of consumer products will be available in the market in the next 100 years.. I'l give you an idea of things to come..

Voice Blogger -
presenting this new system of blogging wid voice. You must be tired of writing what u feel in your blog. Now stop writing , just speak about what u like. It gives additional services like voice blog browsing. Wanna know bout voice blogs similar to urs just speak up the word, and u can see a list of voice blogs. u can listen to them or can add comments to their voice blog posts. U can also enable filters, to avoid objectionable comments. U dont need an internet or a computer , all u need is our voice blog Palmtop. U can access it from anywhere in the world, uninterrupted service anywhere.

Dream Simulator Classic - Ever wondered if u were rich u could travel to different parts of the world, now you don't have to worry Dream simulator is here. Now we are giving you the license to dream about anything you want.
How it Works? Dream Simulator is a totally harmless equipment , which sends High frequency radio wave signals to that part of the brain responsible for producing dreams, What it does is , it suppresses your original dream and replaces it with a dream which you have already programmed. There is no long term harm to you brain.There are many programmed filters to avoid censored dream content, there is also child lock. It is suitable for all ages.
If you Order now you will get an add-on
Dream Co-Simulator , by which two people can dream about the same thing. Please make sure Both users type the same correct code.

Flash Jets - The new age flying machine Flash Jet is here. Previously it was used only for private purposes, but now Commercial Jets are announced. Inaugural Flights from Mumbai - New York in 4 hrs non stop, London - New York 1 hr. and many more. Book your tickets in the Inaugural flights and avail attractive discounts.

My Pet v8.1 - your Favorite pet designer company has launched this new advanced version which rises above by making more than pets. Get whatever Domestic Animal , Dolls, People, Toys genetically cloned by our Expert Scientists in our Company.
Due to Disturbing Behavior found in our earlier version, Our latest Version of Clones genetically mastered to be friendly, caring and not at all harmful. Please give us a minimum of 8 months after you place your order, to get your desired product. Call Now.

My Personal Doctor - Supratech Meditronics have launched a new system of personalised medical care. They have launched a new microchip , which is made so technologically well equipped that it can recognize even a small problem in your body. The chip is programmed to an optimum Normal for your body . Your Vitals, like HR, BP , Respiratory Rate, Levels of all major Chemicals, Neurotransmitters, Blood Gases, Fluid Volume, almost everything is calculated by this chip and sent to your Family practitioner. Whenever There is any abnormality higher or lower than the pre-set values, will directly notify your Medical practitioner, and he can take apt action. The Microchip is so small and can be conveniently implanted in One's Forearm. There Might be some Local irritation and pain after Implantation for Few Hours, But after few hours, you won't feel anything.

Personal Robot Maid - Tired of rude maids, Get yourself the New Robot which can do all your Home chores 10 times faster than any Human Being. Its programmed for Advanced learning. The Robot has to be trained by pressing the red button on the head. And has to be trained just 'once' . It automatically programs itself to any type of Advanced Skilled work. Batteries have to be changed every 3 months or earlier, depending upon the Usage. Order Now and get a Mini robot free. 'Mini Robots' are pre trained to take care of your lawns and Gardens.

Well Ive summed up, some weird Advancements of technology, But These are some amazing things that came to my mind. So much of technology :)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Value of Time

To realize the value of thirty years,

Ask a old female who recently lost her husband.

To realize the value of five years,
Ask a newly divorced couple.

To realize the value of one year,
Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of nine months,
Ask a mother who gave birth to a still born.

To realize the value of one month,
Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week,
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of one hour,
Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of one minute,

Ask a person who has missed the train.

To realize the value of one-second,

Ask a person who has survived an accident.

To realize the value of one millisecond,
Ask the Runner who had to settle for a silver medal in the Olympics.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special.
Forget the past n future, Live for today....

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

We Indians !!!!

Recently I Read an Interesting Article about Indians!! Well It just a funny Joke.. But If anyone felt its offensive, I personally apologise...

Tamils are always proud to be Tamizhs; Pretty

courteous. They speak yenglish but
sorry, no indi
(Hindi). The more common Madarasi (chennaisi...,now?)
is an ardent fan of
kireeket matches.

Their counterparts in Bombay think they live in
America but speak Hinglish like ...are you sure ki
Sujata aa rahi hai ya Ill go akela!"
And they take great pride in making stupid mistakes in
Hindi Grammar. The
BEST hypocrites in the world.

Thamizhs, are verrry lecky to have "simble"
neighbours in the keralites who are a komblex race of
peoblle (they migrated around 2000 B.C. from the
middle east, I guess; and now even the Sheikhs feel
wary of them) but they have excellent GK , eat a lot
of chooclyte and own 99.998765% of tyre shops in the
world and form 99% of nursing community.

Not far begind the kerals is the telugu desam, who are
totally againesht
flaunting their wealthu to the woruldu, though they
occasionally come out
withu brick red shirtsu and parrot green pantsu with
pleetsu (fleet).
Worustu,no?! But they (think) are greatu in
CICSu,Microsu and COBOLu!
Generally sane peoplesu (and so you can always findu
them judgingu,
probhingu, queschioningu othersu ...)

The Canadians, excuse me, the Kannadigas aor (are) the
coolest lat
dobun south but if there is political unrest in
Hersogovnia oare (or) an
ebola virus outbreak in Zaire, they bash up the Tamils
in Karnataka.
Cauvery very bad! When it comes to Rajkumar (actor),
if a fly sits on
his nose, theyll burn the entire city of Benglore to
kill the fly! To
hell with Silicon valley! I-ron, firshtu, girlu, Lasht
Bussu, roadu,
crickeatu, filamu are some of their favourites.

Maharashtrians are a conservative, confused,complex
lot-kar. -Kar, that
is because gavasakar, tendulkar, bahulkar,.. confused
that is because
sitting in southern part of India they would ask the
other person "are you
from Maharashtra or from south India..?" and genuinely
wonder why the
other person takes some time to answer the question.
They like the principles of pheejix and their
favourite character
in the alphabet is Zay (god knows where that came
from). Although
soft, peace loving people but they elect the shivsena
to rule them.

And right there next to the Maharashtrians are the
Gujjubhais. They like
to keep kes in the benk and their favourite past
time is eating
snakes like paav bhaji, masala papad and pijja
at the local snake
bar. They gobble down palak sev like their life
depends on it and believe
in the brotherhood and sisterhood of man and
woman(everybody is a bhai
or a ben).

If you go further eesht, you land uf Udissa- the land
of irron (r
unsilent) where sombalpuroa and Bhubaneshbara are big
towns. The people
are bery cordial and if you are Vikram they bill
soorly ask you B or
Bhe. They do not sout, sam or soot but occasnally
bawsh their phace at
the wasbashin. James Bond Mohanty in our colleze had a
roll nomber

Bengalees are bery bery similor, but or bery proud oph
Subas Chondro
Boash and Shoatyojit Roy (I used to know a director by
name Satyajit Ray
who was also pretty good) and everybody is Xda. I
used to havbe a friend
by name. Dada. Wonder...never mind. Bot I most
conphess, Roshgollas are
bery goooood, tho!

Bihari kids are supposed to be the smartest kids in
India (if not in the
universe!). How we wish they grow up the same
way,...but... And Biharees
are bery phond of Laloo and Ranchi, ka isse bhadiya
tumre pass kooch hai,
kaa?! spit spit...

UPites and MPites are busy going to ischool and
istudying metals to make
lots of ishteel.

Punjabis are very sweet and aggressive and offerRotti
Shotti Khayega!
to which I once replied No. He said Tage itu,yaar!
By Godu!
Every Household will have a person named "Bunty" , "Happy" or "Sunny".. Then of
course,everybodys a paappe
or a kaakke. Thats Pnjab for you.

And Kashmir (called Cashmir by many, may be because
of the amount of
cash spent to keep it in India)?!? I know Roja (or
Roza?)was shot (I
mean filmed) somewhere nearby...

But at the end of the day, wherever you are in the
world, whether it is in Sunnyvale, CA;Birmingham,UK;
UmmAl Quwain, UAE or Serangoon Road,Singapore, ask
them who they are and youll get just one answer -
INDIANS. And If there is a cricket match in any part of the World, Indians wud definitely be there..

Again Please take it as a joke. No matter How we are, who we are ,even with so much diversity in our country, We r Proud to be Indians.. Aren't We? Well I Am....
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