Sunday, November 04, 2007

We Indians !!!!

Recently I Read an Interesting Article about Indians!! Well It just a funny Joke.. But If anyone felt its offensive, I personally apologise...

Tamils are always proud to be Tamizhs; Pretty

courteous. They speak yenglish but
sorry, no indi
(Hindi). The more common Madarasi (chennaisi...,now?)
is an ardent fan of
kireeket matches.

Their counterparts in Bombay think they live in
America but speak Hinglish like ...are you sure ki
Sujata aa rahi hai ya Ill go akela!"
And they take great pride in making stupid mistakes in
Hindi Grammar. The
BEST hypocrites in the world.

Thamizhs, are verrry lecky to have "simble"
neighbours in the keralites who are a komblex race of
peoblle (they migrated around 2000 B.C. from the
middle east, I guess; and now even the Sheikhs feel
wary of them) but they have excellent GK , eat a lot
of chooclyte and own 99.998765% of tyre shops in the
world and form 99% of nursing community.

Not far begind the kerals is the telugu desam, who are
totally againesht
flaunting their wealthu to the woruldu, though they
occasionally come out
withu brick red shirtsu and parrot green pantsu with
pleetsu (fleet).
Worustu,no?! But they (think) are greatu in
CICSu,Microsu and COBOLu!
Generally sane peoplesu (and so you can always findu
them judgingu,
probhingu, queschioningu othersu ...)

The Canadians, excuse me, the Kannadigas aor (are) the
coolest lat
dobun south but if there is political unrest in
Hersogovnia oare (or) an
ebola virus outbreak in Zaire, they bash up the Tamils
in Karnataka.
Cauvery very bad! When it comes to Rajkumar (actor),
if a fly sits on
his nose, theyll burn the entire city of Benglore to
kill the fly! To
hell with Silicon valley! I-ron, firshtu, girlu, Lasht
Bussu, roadu,
crickeatu, filamu are some of their favourites.

Maharashtrians are a conservative, confused,complex
lot-kar. -Kar, that
is because gavasakar, tendulkar, bahulkar,.. confused
that is because
sitting in southern part of India they would ask the
other person "are you
from Maharashtra or from south India..?" and genuinely
wonder why the
other person takes some time to answer the question.
They like the principles of pheejix and their
favourite character
in the alphabet is Zay (god knows where that came
from). Although
soft, peace loving people but they elect the shivsena
to rule them.

And right there next to the Maharashtrians are the
Gujjubhais. They like
to keep kes in the benk and their favourite past
time is eating
snakes like paav bhaji, masala papad and pijja
at the local snake
bar. They gobble down palak sev like their life
depends on it and believe
in the brotherhood and sisterhood of man and
woman(everybody is a bhai
or a ben).

If you go further eesht, you land uf Udissa- the land
of irron (r
unsilent) where sombalpuroa and Bhubaneshbara are big
towns. The people
are bery cordial and if you are Vikram they bill
soorly ask you B or
Bhe. They do not sout, sam or soot but occasnally
bawsh their phace at
the wasbashin. James Bond Mohanty in our colleze had a
roll nomber

Bengalees are bery bery similor, but or bery proud oph
Subas Chondro
Boash and Shoatyojit Roy (I used to know a director by
name Satyajit Ray
who was also pretty good) and everybody is Xda. I
used to havbe a friend
by name. Dada. Wonder...never mind. Bot I most
conphess, Roshgollas are
bery goooood, tho!

Bihari kids are supposed to be the smartest kids in
India (if not in the
universe!). How we wish they grow up the same
way,...but... And Biharees
are bery phond of Laloo and Ranchi, ka isse bhadiya
tumre pass kooch hai,
kaa?! spit spit...

UPites and MPites are busy going to ischool and
istudying metals to make
lots of ishteel.

Punjabis are very sweet and aggressive and offerRotti
Shotti Khayega!
to which I once replied No. He said Tage itu,yaar!
By Godu!
Every Household will have a person named "Bunty" , "Happy" or "Sunny".. Then of
course,everybodys a paappe
or a kaakke. Thats Pnjab for you.

And Kashmir (called Cashmir by many, may be because
of the amount of
cash spent to keep it in India)?!? I know Roja (or
Roza?)was shot (I
mean filmed) somewhere nearby...

But at the end of the day, wherever you are in the
world, whether it is in Sunnyvale, CA;Birmingham,UK;
UmmAl Quwain, UAE or Serangoon Road,Singapore, ask
them who they are and youll get just one answer -
INDIANS. And If there is a cricket match in any part of the World, Indians wud definitely be there..

Again Please take it as a joke. No matter How we are, who we are ,even with so much diversity in our country, We r Proud to be Indians.. Aren't We? Well I Am....

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MM on 10:25 PM said...

I loved those digs, doc! Especially the one on Mallus. As much as it is hilarious, its quite thought provoking as well...


shashi said...

thanks MM ..

soundarya on 10:38 PM said...

its hilarious & its also a fact..when v r in india v distinguish ourselves n wen v r outside india then its just Indians...

Noushy Syah on 1:58 AM said...
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Noushy Syah on 1:59 AM said...

"But at the end of the day, wherever you are in the
world, whether it is in Sunnyvale, CA;Birmingham,UK;
UmmAl Quwain, UAE or Serangoon Road,Singapore, ask
them who they are and youll get just one answer -
INDIANS. And If there is a cricket match in any part of the World, Indians wud definitely be there..
....true indeed doc!!Regardless Indians, Chinese,Malays,English,Panasian..watever..we are all humans....

You presented it in a funny way doc..hehehe..

FireWhisky on 9:23 AM said...

totally agree on the maharashtrians, the mumbaikars, the biharis n d bengalis... lolz lolz lolz...

preetilata on 5:55 PM said...

again a bhery bhery good post. n so a bowl of roshgollas 4 u ;)

but the bottomline is..WE ARE INDIANS.

wud be honoured if u blogroll "white window" also.

tk cr
:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Nice reading...I agree with your thoughts...but at the end of the day, we are all proud to be Indians!

Alisha on 10:48 PM said...

hahahah!..nice one!!

as a fellow tamizhian...i

shashi said...

me too a tamilian... sumtimes its gud to laugh at urself...

Aarthi on 12:39 PM said...

Cute one..knowing tamil n telugu slang myself and have heard gujarati n mallus too...a funny blog...

Arp!ta on 2:29 PM said...

eggcellent!!! he he....

missed rajasthanis tho!!

priya on 7:25 PM said...

Did u get any help about talkr? Let me know.

priya on 11:11 PM said...

Here is the link:

I am not a techie too. If u have problems u can email her or leave a msg' in her CBox.


shashi said...

thanks priya ...

priya on 4:53 AM said...

Thaz damn cool and lovely!!!

Have fun..

Supriya Narang on 10:49 AM said...

Thhaat bhas superr cool...

Awesome to the core!!!!!

Madhavi on 6:10 PM said...

Hey romba nalla !!! Being a tamilian quite yenjoyed ur post ya :P
Btw cyan [:P] I blogrol ya DOC?

s.H.a.S.h.I on 7:44 PM said...

sure madhavi.. i'l add u too.. naanum add pannaren... :) hhehehe

Madhavi on 10:52 PM said...

:) sure doc

Lavanya on 6:14 PM said...

Too funny!
N yeah, yit happens wonly in Indya!
Jai Hind! :D

Sudeshna on 11:48 PM said...


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