Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was casually browsing few websites. I noticed all the websites of different organisations and companies in india have photos of american n european males and females. Even the top notch hospitals and indian organisations do it. I don't understand why. The company establishment is in india, the employees are indians, still they want to put some foriegn faces on their websites.
Here in india , people have a very wrong notion, that if we put colourful foriegn faces in our websites, people will get impressed. No !! infact i find it very irritating. I want to see faces of people associated with the firm on the website, not some unknown foriegn faces. Here we think westernising things adds to the cool quotient. ya it may be cool for some, and works to some extent, but should not cross the limits.
Why do we need some foriegn faces to improve any company's stature. Right now india has developed into a strong economy, people from abroad come to india, because we got lot of scope of expanding. we have lot of indian faces who've established themselves successfully in the world scene.
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