Sunday, April 12, 2009

For You !!!!

Let me see you everyday
Let me see you smiling...

Let me see you waiting in the sun
Let me see you dancing in the rain...

Let me see you curling your beautiful hair
Let me see the twinkle in your mesmerizing eyes...

Let me hear you talk on and on
Let me listen to you all day long...

Let me hold your soft and caressing hand
Let me lend you my consoling shoulder...

Let me little closer to you
Let me bask in your wonderful aroma...

Let me look into your eyes
Let me stay that way for a entire life...

Let me hold you in my arms
Let me say " I Love You" .....
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Sunday, April 05, 2009


I have a Live Traffic widget in my blog which shows the where do my visitors come from, like from which site they usually aland up in my blog. 
Everytime i access my blog, i have a habit of looking whos visiting. Most of my readers come from google search. Im surprised with the amount of google search used by people all around the world.
I realised most of my visitors searched for birthday rap and landed into the post named ' birthday Rap ' a rap i had composed for a friend of mine. Im getting maximum visitors for this post of mine. I was surprised my bday rap or crap became so popular
The 2nd most common search was Republic day. I was so thrilled to see so many of indians staying in and outside india, still value days like these close to our country's history. I posted this post with title ' Happy Republic Day ' about a year ago. Just to tell many of us ignorant people, what it meant. It was great to see at least a few visitors commenting and thanking me for my effort. 
Its nice to see Indian youth interested in Indian history. We sure are proud of being Indian, but we need to show it to our country and do something good for the development of our country.. 
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