Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let Kids be Kids..

In this era, every parent wants his/her children to be best at everything. Children these days are pressurized so much to be perfect in every field.
Even the schools don't spare children, the study material is so advanced for a child's age. for eg. a pre-school child has to learn all basic subjects like mathematics, science , social sciences n all crap. I mean why does a pre-school child need to learn so much. And if a child doesn't do well, parents think the kid is abnormal.
Parents nowadays want their children to be best in all fields. Impose them with dance classes, Swimming classes, guitar classes for a 5 year olds.. I mean let them enjoy their childhood, their innocence, don't push children into the competition world right from the tender age. Anyway they have to face the cruel competitive world when they grow up..
Parents don't realize each child is special, everyone has their own good qualities n bad qualities, n what if ur child will not become a big shot doctor, or a company CEO n all, atleast they'l be themselves, happy to work what they r good at.
Let them grow in their own world of innocence and simplicity...
Life is not going to end in a single day, theres whole lot of time, let them learn life the natural way, don't impose life's values on them.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Disappointing start to the season !!

The Arsenal team started off with the new season of 2008-09 with a disappointing loss to Fulham, only in the 2nd game of the season.
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger couldn't hold on to 2 very important players of the club as usual.. And Alexander hleb transfered out to Barcelona, Mathieu Flamini to AC Milan. Giving the club a title of a 'Selling Club'.
Not that you can't survive without these players, but you need more and more experienced players to win a seaon, not just youngsters. Arsene Wenger's policy to just buy youngsters, has been getting a lot of slack theses days, and after this loss, his policies will be more criticised.
Against a team like Fulham, who are by far one of the weakest teams in Premier league, Arsenal youngsters, completely looked like a bunch of school boys, trying to keep some possession. Of course gunners had their chances, but you got to convert those to win matches.. They looked totally out of place, there was no co-ordination between the players.
Its high time Mr. Wenger starts reconsidering his selection policies and game play and as soon as possible, or this season will again be like other trophy less season..

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Book review : The 3 Mistakes of my Life

Recently i read this book by Best selling writer Chetan Bhagat titled " 3 mistakes of my life"
It is his 3rd book, this one is better than his 1st two writings...
Its about a small town gujarati boy from ahmedabad, who is passionate about his career, his business, his friends.... The story revolves around these 3 friends, whose lives r intermingled with each other.
Each of them have different goals, but they find a common solution to it. But they find many obstacles in life, in achieving their goals, from poverty,insecurity to politics, religion, riots etc.
Its a really nice book, which includes a basic life of a teenagers , to evolution into adults and dealing with national and worldly issues.
Hats off to Chetan Bhagat for coming up with such an awesome book ...
Must read for everyone...

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