Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sorry !!

To Err is Human, to love is also human.
Every time u muttered those never ending statements, i became deaf. 
Every time u rose with excitement after seeing, i never saw it. 
Every time u asked for time, i never had a second. 
Every time u held my hands, my hands slipped away. 
Every time i praised u, u never liked my style.
Every time u looked at me into my eyes, i never could look back.
Every time i hurt u, i could never see the tears in your eyes.

The winds swayed away the branches of trees, but never even touched me. 
My heart is stony, no it ain't, but its scarred, but not afraid. 
Life is not all about love, but love has a lot to do in life.
Life is never A B C D E, its always COMPLICATED!!
Things mite be out of my reach, but i can always lend u a helping hand.
Good times mite never come, but times can be good with me.
Wander your eyes for sometime, winds will sway your way.
It may not be the right way, but it will be your way. 

Gods may not be helpful, but i won't repent my chances.
Moments spent with you were special, but i can't go on. 
Never wanted to be Brutus
Can't see the pain in your eyes anymore.
Can't see the guilt in your acts anymore.
Can't see the hope in your mind anymore.
Can't keep u hurting anymore.
Sorry !!!

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