Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yesterday 10 th October 2008, was my birthday. In between my busy work schedule, i suddenly realised that its my bday on 10th.. well it actually made me realise im getting old :)
 Had a mixed day yesterday. Since morning, i was missing my family and friends in bbay, missing celebrating my bday wid my twin bro. Well my bro sure had a good time wid his friends yesterday. It was kind of getting depressing that i was not able to celebrate my birthday with the people i wanted to. Well then at the end of the day, i planned a small , well not so small party with my colleagues and ended up having a good time with them. Overall it wasn't that depressing bday as i did imagine.. Though i din't get any gifts or cakes, but then i realised, im too old for cutting cakes and gifts rite now. Nevertheless, who doesn't like to be pampered with gifts on their bday. After all for one day u are the centre of attention among everyone. In my case, none of my colleagues knew, so i had to inform them to get some attention :P
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Friday, October 03, 2008

Family and Friends !!!

Its great to meet your family and friends after long time. Sometimes we get so tied up in this materialistic world, that we dnt acknowledge the presence of important people in our life. Life revolves around relationships which need to be nurtured like a young sapling. Give the people important in your life their due. Respect those who care for you, without asking you anything in return. Realise the importance of friendship in your life. Dnt be shy to show your love, respect, care to people who matter to you. Even though its just a small handshake or hug, might make a big difference to someone's life. 
Life is short, make full use of it. Dnt fight, make peace, love each other. Show your close ones, how much they mean to you. Reciprocate the caring and love.  
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