Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another disappointing game !!!

Yesterday, i met 2 fellow Arsenal fans, So we decided to watch the Arsenal game together.After a long time i was watching game wid fellow gooners. The game was against Sunderland.
As we were watching the game together, we were excited about the match, and we were confident we can grab a win, specially after the midweek trashing of cardiff. And the new boy Andrei Arshavin was going to make a debut. So we were even more excited.
As the game started, Arsenal made a good start, with couple of close chances, 2 of them from Arshavin. Van Persie missed a sitter in the opening minutes of the game, and i guess that cost us the match. The midfield were not that effective in creating chances for the strikers, And when they did , there was no one in the box to take that crucial headers. Van persie and bendtner totally looked out of place. Denilson and Song hardly created chances and game finally ended in a 0-0 draw. Arsenal's 3rd consecutive 0-0 draw in the league. Was really frustrating specially after a very good game in Midweek. Whats even more frustrating is wenger doesn't do anything about it. The formation is not suitable, there are not much penetrations, we can't take advantage of set piece situations, no free- kick specialists.
Only positive i can take from the game was Andrei Arshavin. he showed some lively spark at the beginning of the game. Hope he can blossom at the club.
God save arsenal...
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Moral Policing or Hooliganism

 In the recent past, Many parties and small organisations have taken into hooliganism in the name of protecting Indian culture.
Latest incident was in Mangalore, where a group of activists from 'Ram Sene' barged into a pub and pulled out young girls and started, molesting and assaulting them. And then 2 days back, a couple was pulled down from a bus and beaten. why? A hindu girl was with a muslim friend. What kind of democracy is this. How can a group of people, take law into their own hands in the name of moral policing and start attacking innocent citizens.
There will be no safety for woman in india, if such attacks continue. What Indian culture or Hindu culture they're talking about. Cultures never remain stagnant in a society. Cultures are always evolving and has to be progressive. While they take about the 'the bhartiya naari' . They don't understand you can't standardise any way of living, everyone have their way of living and should be allowed to do so. No one has the right to interfere with someone's way of living. 
The great indian culture these people are talking about , is the very origin of the Sexual expression , ' The Kamasutra'. the sculptures in khajuraho rather depict various sexual positions and expressions, and is among those ancient beautiful monuments which is regarded one of the beautful works of Art. Isnt these things offensive for this people. But couples walking on the road or hugging each other even though they are related is offensive.  
The Government here should take a hard stand against such hooliganism, which they wont because, it will affect their party alliances. First It was Shiv sena in maharashtra, and now Ram sene in karnataka, Half of the people doing these things, don't know why they are, they have been provoked and brain washed by their leaders like Mutalik of Ram sene. 
If Govt. can't handle this, We citizens should form a parallel organization to handle such hooliganism. 
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