Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday over , Fun over

Yesterday 10th of october was my birthday. Another candle in the cake of my life. got to spend time with my friends.
Day began with my colleagues, throwing me a nice surprise, got me a cake. was kinda nice, though it was not the ideal place to cut cake.Since we were all busy and it was a working day, i cut my cake in the Operation theatre. well not exactly operation theatre but in a room beside the OT complex. Felt nice, i mean i guess i cut a cake on my birthday after about 3 years.
This time people who called up to wish me on my birthday were very less. I guess once u get older, people who remember u also goes on reducing. Still i got wishes from most of the expected people and few unexpected ones too :)
In the evening, went for a drink with couple of friends. It was a much needed break from the busy work schedule.For one day you feel on top of the world, you are the centre of attraction. Everyone is dying to talk to you. and when it comes to an end, you feel sad, that the special day is over. Still what the hell, i had a great birthday, not the exact way i wanted it to be. But still better than last year..
Thanks a lot again for everyone for making my birthday special in a special way ..
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Legend called Arsene Wenger!!

I wanted to write this article for sometime now. Im a big fan of Arsenal since the last 10 years . Ive seen this club change and evolve under the leadership of Arsene Wenger.
Arsene Wenger is now the longest serving manager in the history of Arsenal. He took over as manager of Arsenal after the Bruce Rioch in 1996. Since 1996, he has been at the helm of Arsenal's managerial position till now. With Wenger at arsenal, its not always been about trophies and accolades, but hes given unique memories and made up the career of many great players of this decade. Its been a pleasure for all the Arsenal fans around the world  to watch this team evolve in the last decade. 
There has been some special moments while he has been in Arsenal.
Arsenal's 1st double in 1998 season and the 2nd double in 2002
Making of Legend called Thierry Henry
Showcasing the awesome Dennis Bergkamp to the world.
2004 : The Invincibles. One of  the greatest achievement by Arsenal and Arsene.
The final stats read : Played 49, Won 36, Drawn 13, Lost None
FA cup victory in 2002.
Snapping Sol Campbell from arch rivals Tottenham , who later on became on of the successful defenders at Arsenal.
Dominance over Arch rivals Tottenham in the whole of last decade.
Runner up in Champions League 2005 -06 , because the run up to the final was just memorable with some great performances.
The Rivalry  with Alex ferguson and Manchester United has been really fulfilling to watch the competitive spirit between the 2 managers and both teams. Perhaps the most successful managers of English club football. Leave aside the rivalry, but both managers don't shy to give appreciation for each other.
The Belief of Arsene wenger in his youth policy, thereby unearthing some gems in to mainstream football like Cesc fabregas, Theo walcott, Mathieu flamini, and more recently Jack wilshere.
Its like Arsene Wenger was born to be at Arsenal, even his name is embedded in club's name. 
Theres more to write about Wenger, its just unending.. 

There has been some frustrating moments too in the last few years. many trophyless seasons, but finally we all gooners believe  " IN ARSENE WE TRUST "
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Sunday, October 04, 2009

How to be Mr. Impossible ??

With special request from some one, i am creating this weird post. Many would like it :)
So How do u be Mr. Impossible . so much that gals will get fed up of you .

1 - First and foremost act pricey :) as if u were the most charismatic personality in the world

2 - Act as if u know it all, u're super wise.

3 - Pretend you are always busy and have no time to date.

4 - Be as lazy as you can and never call.

5 - When you meet a gal after long time and she asks ' How do i look? ', You say 'you look healthy' .

6 - When a gal shows off her hand expecting you to hold her hand, you just say, 'Oh ! ur hands are really pale'

7 - When you meet a gal after a long time, reach late, and make some lazy, lame excuses for reaching late.

8 - When the gal wants a real nice hug, hug as if you are hugging your sister.

9 - When a gal comes closer to kiss you, you look away and look at the sky and say 'looks like its going to rain'.

10- And lastly when the gal wants to come to your house, to spend some time with you. You say you have some friends coming over for a party. 

P.S - Make sure you have enough cover to run, before you say such things to gals :P
All the Best ..
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Friday, October 02, 2009

Sexual Abuse in Children!!

Recently i was talking to a friend. I just realized child sexual abuse is so rampant in india. Almost 50% of women ive met have suffered some kind of sexual abuse in their childhood. Whats more disturbing is their own relatives are involved in such bad practices. 
where are we heading to. At one end our economy is progressing up and people in our country are embracing the broader, global mentality into their day to day living and at the other end such kind of abuse with children still continues or should i say maybe increased too. Who is to blame? Our society, people, system. Sad part is the children don't even know what they're going through. when they realize, its too late. People in own blood relationship indulge in such cowardly practices. There has been instances of father molesting his own daughter. Many of them don't have the courage to stand up against such wrong practices due to threats from the accused, or the fear of affecting familial relations. One should realize, if someone indulges in such dirty doings, he is not fit to be in the family. The society should stand up against this abuse, and protect their children. Recently i read an article in newspaper, where young boys are also being sexually abused by their relatives. 
We seriously need some proper sex education in our system. Every school whether government or private, should give proper sex education to all the students by maybe class 6th or 7th. The word should be spread to smallest of smallest villages to biggest cities in the country, so that these young children don't become a victim or accused as they grow up. After all those who do abuse children also have turned into what they are because of proper education, or maybe otherwise. I don't know whether these things happen in developed literate countries but I strongly feel good education plays a big part in our upbringing in life. 

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