Sunday, October 04, 2009

How to be Mr. Impossible ??

With special request from some one, i am creating this weird post. Many would like it :)
So How do u be Mr. Impossible . so much that gals will get fed up of you .

1 - First and foremost act pricey :) as if u were the most charismatic personality in the world

2 - Act as if u know it all, u're super wise.

3 - Pretend you are always busy and have no time to date.

4 - Be as lazy as you can and never call.

5 - When you meet a gal after long time and she asks ' How do i look? ', You say 'you look healthy' .

6 - When a gal shows off her hand expecting you to hold her hand, you just say, 'Oh ! ur hands are really pale'

7 - When you meet a gal after a long time, reach late, and make some lazy, lame excuses for reaching late.

8 - When the gal wants a real nice hug, hug as if you are hugging your sister.

9 - When a gal comes closer to kiss you, you look away and look at the sky and say 'looks like its going to rain'.

10- And lastly when the gal wants to come to your house, to spend some time with you. You say you have some friends coming over for a party. 

P.S - Make sure you have enough cover to run, before you say such things to gals :P
All the Best ..

5 cared to comment:

Dhanya on 4:04 PM said...

Interesting :) All tried and tested I believe? :P

s.H.a.S.h.I on 4:14 PM said...

hehe.. thanks.. well if tried n tested.. how was the reaction.. ??

akanksha on 10:59 PM said...

That list was a real put off. :@
Reading it made me yell like anything.don't know how i would react if it happens with me...Won't even tak to the guy again I guess.

Hope God saves me from such guys:(

Adding a few,
When the gal cooks for you, don't mention how good it was...And when she asks if u liked it or not,, say 'It was OKAY'

s.H.a.S.h.I on 11:12 PM said...

ya. thts a real put off for gals... just a hypothetical situation.. dnt freak out.. :P

Apparently Intellectual on 2:14 PM said...

lol@u look healthy..dude! this is surely gonna work..:D

point is a sure sure method too.turn off:|

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