Friday, October 02, 2009

Sexual Abuse in Children!!

Recently i was talking to a friend. I just realized child sexual abuse is so rampant in india. Almost 50% of women ive met have suffered some kind of sexual abuse in their childhood. Whats more disturbing is their own relatives are involved in such bad practices. 
where are we heading to. At one end our economy is progressing up and people in our country are embracing the broader, global mentality into their day to day living and at the other end such kind of abuse with children still continues or should i say maybe increased too. Who is to blame? Our society, people, system. Sad part is the children don't even know what they're going through. when they realize, its too late. People in own blood relationship indulge in such cowardly practices. There has been instances of father molesting his own daughter. Many of them don't have the courage to stand up against such wrong practices due to threats from the accused, or the fear of affecting familial relations. One should realize, if someone indulges in such dirty doings, he is not fit to be in the family. The society should stand up against this abuse, and protect their children. Recently i read an article in newspaper, where young boys are also being sexually abused by their relatives. 
We seriously need some proper sex education in our system. Every school whether government or private, should give proper sex education to all the students by maybe class 6th or 7th. The word should be spread to smallest of smallest villages to biggest cities in the country, so that these young children don't become a victim or accused as they grow up. After all those who do abuse children also have turned into what they are because of proper education, or maybe otherwise. I don't know whether these things happen in developed literate countries but I strongly feel good education plays a big part in our upbringing in life. 

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Shas on 2:20 AM said...

This the dirty truth of our society. Awareness about child sexual abuse needs to be created and children should be made aware of it or ask them to inform their elders if anybody behaves in an unwanted way because even 2yr olds are also vulnerable. But it needs to be dealt sensitively because making a child aware of it is not that easy and hard to explain to them.

s.H.a.S.h.I on 2:35 PM said...

well yea... its a sensitive matter .. had to be handled with care..

Anita on 6:46 PM said...


yea it def ha[ppens in the well developed countries as well

it started there infact

besides its bad bad thing and i am so happy to see some guys who support rather speak openly about it

s.H.a.S.h.I on 7:12 PM said...

hey anita .. thanks for appreciating.. i was on a call .. so cudnt chat wid u/..

tongkatpower on 3:56 PM said...

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