Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday over , Fun over

Yesterday 10th of october was my birthday. Another candle in the cake of my life. got to spend time with my friends.
Day began with my colleagues, throwing me a nice surprise, got me a cake. was kinda nice, though it was not the ideal place to cut cake.Since we were all busy and it was a working day, i cut my cake in the Operation theatre. well not exactly operation theatre but in a room beside the OT complex. Felt nice, i mean i guess i cut a cake on my birthday after about 3 years.
This time people who called up to wish me on my birthday were very less. I guess once u get older, people who remember u also goes on reducing. Still i got wishes from most of the expected people and few unexpected ones too :)
In the evening, went for a drink with couple of friends. It was a much needed break from the busy work schedule.For one day you feel on top of the world, you are the centre of attraction. Everyone is dying to talk to you. and when it comes to an end, you feel sad, that the special day is over. Still what the hell, i had a great birthday, not the exact way i wanted it to be. But still better than last year..
Thanks a lot again for everyone for making my birthday special in a special way ..

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Arps on 11:18 AM said...

True. Birthdays are the best when friends are around.
[Otherwise they're just days that occur to make you feel old, really old! ;)]

akanksha on 5:20 PM said...

Glad that u enjoyed! :)
Surprises always make ur day special:)
You r right, birthdays do make u the centre of attraction for the day! And when it starts getting over, I too feel sad..But then i strt looking fwd to another birthday:P

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