Friday, July 10, 2009

Trek to Skandagiri ( Kalvarahalli betta)

Yesterday we went to a nice place for trekking called skandagiri mountains. locals know it as kalwarahalli beta. It is off Bellary Road (NH-7 Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway), and is very close to Nandi Hills and Chikkaballapura. The peak is at an altitude of about 1350 meters. It is every adventurer’s paradise with beautiful night trek, stunning sunrise, and serene and swimming clouds that sometimes limits visibility to just a few meters. Its actually famous for its Moonlight trek, but we din't have time, so went at day time..

Skandagiri is one of the hill forts in the Nandi Hill ranges. The dilapidated walls of  Tipu Sultan's fort can be seen even today . History says this was a small but strong hill fort. Tipu Sultan reportedly captured this fort from a local ruler by bribing two milk women who used to supply milk to the ruler to poison him and his men to death. It surrendered to British troops on 19 October 1791. It remained in British hands until the peace treaty of 1792, which concluded the third Anglo-Mysore war.

How to get there ?
We actually took bus, but if u have your own vehicle, it will save time and money. We started from our place in whitefield to majestic bus stand. From Majestic bus stand, we took a KSRTC bus to a place called Chikballapur(70 kms). It takes about 60-75 mins to reach chikballapur from bangalore. Once there we took a Auto to a place called Papagni Matt (5 kms). Ask for Papagni matt or Papagni betta, no one knows kalvarahalli betta or skandagiri. Once you reach there, u'l find a temple at the foot of the hills. u got ample parking space there. There will be some people who will be asking if u need guide. Dnt take it, the routes are straightforward. There are arrows everywhere and its straightforward. Though we somehow managed to loose track and wandered into dense jungle.. that was scary. We somehow got back on track, with a help from some local goats:)

Time Taken
It takes about 2 hrs to climb up for professionals, for amateurs , it might take about 3-4 hrs depending on ur skills. and about 1 hr to come down. We were very much amateurs so it took as bout 3 hrs to reach the top. The best part of the trek was it never seem to end. You reach one point at the top, thers another dilapidated fort remains to reach, it never seems to end. Though it got a little frustrating and tiring for us, we somehow managed to reach the top. But the view from the top was so spectacular, we were all energized after that. By the time we started coming down, it started raining, but we  managed to come down safely within an hour.

Things to take 
Make sure you hae enough water, food and first aid. There is nothing available for the entire trek. Take good torches, if ure doing a night trek.

Finally as we got down and left, we got a beautiful view of the hill we just climbed, it was beautiful. Over all we were happy that we conquered the peak :)

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Anesthetist who??

These days, when i meet new people. I kinda don't want to say what im doing. because they don't understand wht do i do. Thers very little information about anesthesia or anesthetists among common people.
Few people have asked me, 'such a branch exists?' , 'sumtin related to asthma ?' , 'whts there in anesthesia - just make the patient sleep'. While in some the knowledge of anesthesia is limited to chloroform, an agent leisurely abused in bollywood. Well such weird and discouraging questions are just a small example of the amount of ignorance among common people.
I just want to put up a broader perspective of this reality. Anesthesiologists just don't make the people sleep, they also take care of the intensive care unit, trauma centres etc. They are usually the first person to be called in an ER, in case of emergency, usually life threatening circumstances. They handle specialized ventilators, and are often the last mode of help, when there is a difficulty in intravenous line. They are usually the part of all emergency teams in hospitals. Even in lot of surveys done across the world, even in the most educated of all countries, the info regarding anesthesia is very less.
Basically its a thankless job. because the patient usually comes to anesthetist either for a surgery or a dire emergency, there is not too much interaction with the patient. Like In a big budget movie, everyone sings the praises of the Actors or directors, the cameramen, choreographers, or editors, dont get so much credit like the others. Similarly in any successful surgeries, the limelight is on someone else. One senior doctor had rightly commented, Anesthesiologists are ' backbench doctors'. still no qualms about it , coz thts how its gonna be in the future too. I chose this field not for popularity but out of interest.
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