Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pictures speak more than Words

Sometimes Pictures Speak more than words... Check out this amazing painting by an artist named Jim Warren. Lemme know what do u interpret from this painting..

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Another Disappointing Season

Ive been a big fan of Arsenal FC since bout 5-6 yrs... But this season's failure to win any titles hurt me the most.. Becoz the gunners were better than other teams almost the whole of the season.. In 1 month everytin changed.. A series of successive drawn games cost them the title.. . To make matters worse, we'l have to settle for the 3rd place in the English premier league and got knocked out of quarters in the Champion's League....
If u play badly n lose, it doesnt hurt u much. But if u play well and lose it hurts badly...
I think Arsenal Manager, Arsene wenger has to rethink his transfer policies, team selection n all.. Whts the use of 'Beautiful football' If u can't win any trophies.. After all thts wht u're actually playing for..
Ive started believing Arsenal can just nurture talent, but they can't hold on to them... Whts the use of bringing up a young talent if u can't make full use of the player.. Its been the case since a long time.. The charismatic Patrick Viera left arsenal for Juventus.. His presence in the team as a captain had a huge impact in the development of the team. Then the Arsenal legend Thiery henry left last season for barcelona.. the Names r plenty Sylvian Wiltord, Robert Pires, Sol Campbell, Lauren etc the list just goes on...
You need to have experienced players along with youth to win accolades.. not just youth...
Maybe thts why Manchester United and Chelsea have been very successful in the last few years..
I'l always be a Arsenal fan, but as a fan wud like the team to win more trophies not lose many..

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