Monday, November 02, 2009

Have a Hearty Life !!

There has been a growing incidence of heart diseases in India in the last decade. The levels have almost increased exponentially.
Today i had a patient for Coronary artery bypass surgery. He looked like a routine case for surgery. I took a look at his file. It said " 27 yrs / M " . I was really shocked to see his age. He has had an episode of Myocardial Infarction some 6 months back and now had come for a bypass surgery. Above all he was diagnosed of having Diabetes too. A guy with such young age has come with symptoms and problems, which a person used to have only after some 45-50 yrs a decade ago. Everyone had this mindset that heart diseases occur only in elderly. But nowadays, lot of  young population in india are having stress related cardiac problems. The incidence of heart diseases and similar problems, have been alarmingly high these days, with so much stress involved in day to day life. In this over competitive world, its tough to stay ahead of the rest, without taking a toll on ur health and mind.
Its better to take precaution from early age, rather than suffering later. Ive just put some points to take care of your beloved Heart -
Exercise regularly 
If you have a family history of heart disease, you really need to exercise regularly and maintain healthy lifestyle  
Meditation helps a lot , de-stresses you
Avoid eating oily fried food daily
Use refined safflower or sunflower oil for cooking, avoid coconut oil - lot of heart diseases seen in malayali population 
Avoid any addictions like alcohol or smoking, occassional drinking or smoking should'nt hurt :P
Eat more nutritious foods like green leafy vegetables, eggs, avoid more of meat.
Use less salt and sugar in your food

Be happy, don't worry much
Take 1-2 trips in a year. Its really important to get out of you routine schedule and visit some places of solaces and calm. 
Take less stress in life, you got just one life, so live it easy.

More Importantly be positive in life and be cheerful and smiling everyday.

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sumant said...

nice informative blog shashi..

s.H.a.S.h.I on 10:49 PM said...

thanks buddy..

Saras on 2:17 PM said...

You know Doc, it is mostly due to the mad rush for achieving everything very quickly that people get stressed. Even small frustrations often lead to drastic reactions which we read in papers.In my opinion one easy solution will be to counsel the youth about patience and perseverance and teach them how to take success as well as failures with equanimity.Once the mind is at peace all these diseases will disappear.

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