Thursday, November 26, 2009

Remembering Carnage 26/11/2008

Exactly an year ago, Few youngsters across the border, stepped in to our country, into the city of joy and life "Mumbai" , and opened gunfire at every innocent face in the city.  Many innocent people died, who were just leading a normal life. Tears rolled out in the eyes of every indian, they left our hearts bleeding. Less that we knew , we'l be left just being sympathetic towards people who died and could do nothing when just so many people were killed in the CST  railway station. The unpreparedness on our part, played a big catalyst for the terrorists in these attacks
The lives of the slain officers' family has changed, has changed dramatically. We may sing praises for years together for officers Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Hemant Karkare, Major Unnikrishnan, the names are never ending. But whats done about it. To mark the Anniversary of 26/11, we must pledge to have a better security system, better intelligence, better resources, better training to tackle such situations. We need a effective crisis management committee. We must ensure the family of the people affected should not suffer. Of course , nothing can compensate their loss, but atleast we can help them in their grief, and support both mentally and financially. 
Mumbai has become the punching bag for terroists. Attacks keep coming and we are helpless. The candlelight vigils and sms campaigns may seem ineffectual, but lets not underestimate the power of an enlightened citizenry in the media age. But how effective will be this enlightenedness, or will it die down as we get used to lead a normal life as nothing has happened is to see in the future. Together as a nation, we must stand against terorrism and protect ourselves and our country in whichever way we can.

In a small way, i want to donate some money to an NGO which is still working in rehabilitating affected people in attacks. You can also play a part. For every comment, i'l donate Rs. 20  towards the relief fund. Details of the NGO will be updated later. 
Thank you !!

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