Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog Action Day - Save Water

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us. And the number is just going on increasing. 
In developing countries the number of people go without water is just alarming. Most of the people just lack services of basic sanitation and drinking water. Water has been a major issue for violence and misconduct in many parts of the world. In Africa, there have been lot of killings in the name of supplying water.
There are also lots of epidemics across India and also other developing countries. Cholera, Dysentery, Hepatitis A, the list goes on. Children are more susceptible to these gastrointestinal diseases. It is one of the leading causes of mortality in children. 
The Ocean and other water bodies are being polluted with industrial waste and human waste across the world. Its harmful not only to the fauna and animal life but also to we humans who are drinking it. So pollution of water body has become a thwarting issue not only for human welfare but also for environmental and animal welfare. 
Saving water starts at home. There are lot of states coming up with innovative ideas for rain water harvesting. There are specialised equipments available to store and use the rain water as a major water source across houses. 
On an average we use about 300-400 litres of water/day . Isn't it alarming? Out of it if u take out even 2-3 litres of water daily, it could supply drinking water for atleast 2 children.
Make it a pledge for tomorrow, to save water, it might be only a litre, but that 1 litre can quench the thirst of an old man living in the streets. 
Things that can be done to save water at home : 

1. While you are using water for hand wash, brushing, a shave, don't let the tap water running, open it only when required.
2. Instead of taking bath under the shower daily, at least twice a week, use water from a bucket for taking bath.
3. People at home can start harvesting rain water in a small reservoir, and use this rain water for gardening,washing cars and stuff. To know more about it, click here
4. While moving out of your home, check whether all taps are closed, and there is no leakage from taps. 
5. While washing utensils, don't let the water keep running from tap, use it as required
6. There are many more small things one can do to save water.

But, water moves beyond just a human rights issue. It’s an environmental issue, an animal welfare issue, a sustainability issue. Water is a global issue, deserving a global conversation. 

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ElenaSC on 12:41 AM said...

Thanks for this post!
Please read and share my post about Water’s footprint in Fashion
You can make the difference!

Unknown on 12:59 AM said...

thanks for ur reply Elena..

The 'Mad' Orchid on 1:10 AM said...

I do wish with few responsible youths like does become a better place to live ... Thanks for the same ..............

Romeo Das on 12:39 PM said...

That was a really thoughtful post man. I guess if we all do our bit, then perhaps we can save water much more. But this consciousness should be instilled in every individual and it should come from within!

Hope you would find my post interesting - When love calls

Unknown on 1:29 PM said...

Thanks romeo .. yea every1 has to take part..

Rugs Cheap Celine on 4:27 PM said...

It's a shame alot of people on this earth don't realize it sooner that our water supplies are depleting. WHat would be left for the future? Everyone should be doing their part in saving water already.

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