Monday, October 04, 2010

Bangalore IndiBlogger Meet #indiblr

Hey yo, october the 3rd is the day
No it ain't Bapu's bday
Bangalore today was Indiblogger Day!!
journey started, boarded 335E
shook the hand wid yogi ji
enter the world of bloggers sea
welcomed by the beau 'Crazy' G
Al the indi homies were up der
Anwin, Bala, Noop dawg.
And der were Rennie, karthik, n vineet
Hitesh, Mohan, Tavish and RCB fan
No der wasnt ny Plan..
tweet tweet tweet from the bloggers' clan
30 secs of fame, aint one easy game
Spare the pain, down to 15 secs of the same.
then der was writing on the wall
this aint any ordinary wall
With all those comments and kicking
kinda felt so high, smiling widout a sigh !!
der were samosas and sandwiches
filled our tummies widout much glitches
Though left our throats dry
seeking for those unconditional pry
Ended wid those coveted tees
Wid lovely indiblogger plea.
And as all said goodbye ..
But friends this aint the end..
Coz der is a blogger meet at every bend..

P.S  - just an attempt to cover the blogger meet differently..  If i hurt any1s sentiments, i apologize ..

20 cared to comment:

JPK on 8:27 AM said...

Good to meet you at the blogger meet yesterday.


Mohan on 11:55 AM said...

interesting way of putting it across through your poetry! Good one doc!

S.R.Ayyangar on 4:38 PM said...


s.H.a.S.h.I on 5:01 PM said...

thanks guys..

s.H.a.S.h.I on 9:52 PM said...

actually i wrote it in terms of a rap.. but well it seems more like a poem.. so wht the hell.. as long as people like it.. :)

Sweta on 10:30 AM said...

Liked the Rap.... :)
And 335E... that means you came from marathalli side?

s.H.a.S.h.I on 10:09 PM said...

@sweta thanks u liked my 'rap' :P
yea.. i stay in whitefield.. do u stay in marathalli??

Vinni on 11:22 PM said...

Kick ass dude! I am sure this post will keep the ladies away from the apple! :P

Nice one!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 11:25 PM said...

ahhaa.. thanks vineet..

Aparna on 11:26 PM said...

wonderful poem!

unique and nice review with good rhyme

cheers !

s.H.a.S.h.I on 11:33 PM said...

thanks aparna

k i give up.. it is a poem ... lol :P

Aarthi on 3:55 PM said...

Had fun?

Tavish{Sensible Bakwas} on 6:19 PM said...

bloody sahi boss... like Vineet said... its absolutely kickass! Anyways u and Yogi were the first bloggers I met and I am glad i did... stay in touch!


Saras on 7:21 PM said...

That was one helluva Rap Doc! Well written. Your Blog could be reached thru' Firefox no problem.

Yogi on 10:22 AM said...

Dude ..nice one was nice meeting u ...
Keep on rapping..its perfectly IN sync!!!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 12:00 PM said...

thanks yogi , saras, n tavish was nice meetin u all

@ aarti.
yea it was lotta fun..

Addy on 2:30 PM said...

let me take a step back...
and bow to you dear jack!
no, actually...
yeah actually...
you deserve,
something that I preserve.
a shashtang pranam to you!
for the 'whaataye fun' review!
Why didn't I find
this on the indivine?
let me take a step back...
and bow to you dear jack!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 4:50 PM said...

@ addy
awesome.. dude .. thanks..

Sneo on 10:00 AM said...

thats a nice style. no way you apologize for it..
good meet it was, keep remembering it too

shashi said...

hey sneha.. i just wrote it so tht dnt piss off people coz even i wanted to win printer:P lol.. nwz i dint win, so doesnt matter..
ty 4ya commente

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