Monday, August 13, 2007

A Passionate night

It was raining that day.. I was looking from my window , was waiting for her. She had called me up n said she'l come in bout an hour. It was raining very heavily that day , So was worried if she'l be able reach safely as she was very new to the city.
Just then i heard an Autorichshaw coming inside my building compound and there she was, as beautiful as ever, She was wearing a blue dress, wid an umbrella in hand n struggling to take sum money from her purse to give it to the driver. While doing so her umbrella started sliding down from her shoulders, n fell down. Now she was totally wet. With all despair n anguish, she entered my wing, cursing the rain, as if her whole life was destroyed by those few rain drops which fell on her. Well i was enjoying every bit of the ordeal.
She rang the bell n came in. I cud see the happiness in her face seeing me after a long time. ya i was happy to see her too.. I introduced her to my parents , my bros and we started chatting. We talked n talked n talked bout all those old days, those wonderful experiences we had together. As we started talking, i dint realise it was quite late and it was dinner time. We had our dinner which by the way was very delicious as usual. My mom cooks sum awesome food.
k now it was time to to leave. As it was late in the nite, i had to accompany her till the bus stop. we said bye to my parents. we started off. was gonna drop her in a local bus, so we had to walk a certain distance to reach the bus stop. It was really nice weather windy , cool, and absolutely romantic. As we started walking, she started blabbering as usual. i looked at her. Man o' man she was looking so pretty, her beautiful eyes , her wavy, silky hair moved wid the wind as if they were singing wid the wind, her smile seemed worth more than a million dollars that day. I dont know what was happening to me that day. I never looked at her in that manner, she was a friend. I kept reminding my self the same thing again n again... as there were weird thoughts coming onto my mind, wanted to hold her near me and kiss her passionately.
In the mean time, it started raining very heavily, i had forgot my umbrella, n incidentally her umbrella refused to open. damn!!! we both were getting wet, i saw a small shed at the side of the road. we had to run quite a distance to reach there. Strangely there was not a single vehicle on that road , not even an autorickshaw, as if sumtin was meant to happen.
i handed her my Handkerchief, to wipe her face as we both were completely wet. Damn she looked more beautiful n sexy in her wet clothes, I cud see drops of water running down her cheeks, her lips. I coudnt resist myself. I decided i'l make a move. i held her wid both my hands strongly, looked in her eyes, we were both staring at each other passionately, well dont know bout her, but atleast i was. I moved closer to her. I could literally hear her heartbeats getting faster, and mine was too. I moved more closer. i dint know whether i was doing the right thing or not. I just knew that i have to kiss her.
 I had seen in the movie Hitch, in which Will Smith says, " The secret to a good kiss is to go 90% towards the gal and wait for the gal to move other 10 % towards you and wait as long as it takes". I thought the time has come to implement these tips in real life. 
As i stood close to her, i bent down towards her , well yeah 90% towards her n waiting for a while, and guess what she also started moving towards me. Wow i thought ive hit a jackpot today. As we our lips came closer n closer , just before the kiss , i heard a very loud noise and it was really painful to my ears. It was my morning 'ALARM'.
"Damn it!!! it was a dream." I screamed in disgust and went to sleep again....

MORAL OF THE STORY : Never go 90... go direct 100 :)

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sonia said...

wow.. thts really passionate... lol .. nice one shashi.. dint knw u had sum writing talent.. keep it up..

nisha on 7:03 PM said...

oh my god! hehehe... ur story was beginning to get interesting and ur alarm played villian!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) on 10:51 AM said...

hahah... this is hilarious :)
Yes, I guess you should have gone 100 :)

I am sure you will get your real kiss one day :)

zahid on 1:19 PM said...

Hey !!! that was a nice one...Just hope you learn fromt the moral the next time you happen to get such a situation, even though its the dream!!!! anyways nice reading!!!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 7:14 PM said...

lol... ya nxt time seeda 100... well kiss is not imp. wid whom is important.. :p
Thanks raaji n zahid..

Aarthi on 1:44 PM said...

tht was really romantic...n is tht girl a dream too...or is she ur real-life friend? Hey n thanks for ur comments for my blog..

s.H.a.S.h.I on 4:05 PM said...

@ aarthi
well its both .. :d

navita on 5:57 PM said...

that was really romantic and engaging but aaaaaaaalllarm better luck next time...

Supriya Narang on 4:57 PM said...

oooooooooh... better luck next time mate :P

preetilata on 8:45 PM said...


wat a hilarous n grt way to convey "d moral of d story"

u hv gt a grt sence of humour dear doc..

ya i no u cnt get anything out of my blog as they r in bengali but some english poems r thr..i wud req u 2 go thru thm ..n tell me hw r they..
n oh yes u r invited 2 my new blog also.

gr8 going it up

:) :) :)

Madhavi on 5:54 PM said...

Oooh lala....
enjoyed myslf..ek minute mera b heartbeat ruk gya..n tht bas lil more hehe...n great moral.... :)wil follow it doc

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