Wednesday, August 15, 2007

60 Years of Independence !! How We've Fared !!

Today is 15th August. We celebrate 60 years of freedom since 1947.
Its a great feeling that we have come a long way in these 60 years.
The things that have improved is our Economy which is on a rise. India's GDP grew by 9.4% in 2006-07 as compared to 9.0% in 2005-06 , the per capita income growth rate is estimated to be around 8.4% for 2006-07, Literacy rate though not much has still increased, Employment rate is increased. Many Multinational Companies see India as a potential place for their Growth and i wont disagree. The roads have improved, Telecommunication network has improved..
The youth are slowly starting to realise their responsibility to the nation, At least i do , wanna make a difference for my country, and Politics is the place to be. As someone has rightly said, ' To Change the System, you have to be in the System'.
The problems to tackle are India's exploding population, which is about 1.12 billion as of now, with more population, u need more infrastructure. One thing is still very much prevalent is Poverty, feel bad when i see young kids begging at signals n road junctions, They must be studying in some school. But thats the way it is now in India, The Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer. Where there is all the latest amenities and gadgets in the big cities, People in the rural area get to enjoy only about 3-4 hrs of electricity n water supply everyday. Medical facilities are in a boom in the big cities, and in scarcity in rural areas. The Rural development scheme by the government is not very much functional.
As the Economy is growing so is Corruption, Everyone wants to be rich. Corruption has to be dealt strictly, only then there would be some multifaceted progress of the country...
India's Test victory against India, and release of Indian women's Hockey based movie 'Chak De India' ,couldn't have come at a better time, on the eve of 60 years of Independence.
Whatever may be the condition of my country, but i love my country, and i would strive for betterment of my country..

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satish polepalli said...

Well thts true... there are too many areas we need to concentrate to improve our country.. But im still PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN

Seema said...

well written doc.. :)

Invincible on 2:34 AM said...

nice post!!

Mr. Tapori on 4:34 AM said...

Very nice blog I'll visit more!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 3:21 PM said...

thanks people..

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