Monday, September 24, 2007

If Only .......

On a beautiful Evening
As the sun started setting..
I saw her walking slowly in the September rain
If Only i cud tell her how i felt...

Met again on a busy Morning

As our eyes met,
hello was the word
she smiled,
and we became good friends
If Only she cud read my mind..

friendship was a beginning
But i wanted more,
wanted this ship to grow,
If Only i cud know her more..

One day everything changed
The sun wasn't shining brightly anymore
The sky wasn't blue anymore,
The grass weren't green anymore,
The pain was immense,
If Only i cud feel her pain..

Beckoning were the days of reality,
It wasn't my dream world,
As she laid calmly in her bed,
I cud see the anguish in her eyes,
As if there was some unfinished work
If Only i cud heal her..

But it was too late,
Oh great lord!!
If Only she had more time

If Only i cud tell her how happy i was with her

If Only i cud hold her in my arms
If Only i cud laugh with her
If Only i cud cry with her
If Only i cud dance with her in the rain

If Only i cud say 'I love U'

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Keerthi said...

Nice poem shashi....
not bad for starters... :)

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted the moment so beautifully in words...Everyone of us aspires for this wonderful thing....Nice poem!

gunj on 11:57 PM said...

lovely :)

akanksha on 3:06 AM said...

Its just too beautiful for words, Doc!!!!

FireWhisky on 8:59 AM said...

isnt "if" d most irritating wrd in d english language... it leaves so much room fr wt cud hv happened n wt shud hv happened...

lovely poem...

Radha on 9:04 AM said...

how romantic! :-)
I take it is based on a real-life experience? :-) In any case, remember that its never too late

s.H.a.S.h.I on 10:47 AM said...

@kalyan ,gunjan ,akansha

thanks a lot....


cant say based on a real life event ... but this poetry is based on a dream...

@ firewhisky

Ya if gives varied options to manipulate... thts why i used it as a title :) lol...

Anonymous said...

I met you in a crowd
But little did I know,
It was actually a garden,
Where sweet flowers grew

But more than a flower you were,
You turned my life to gold
When no-one was there, you were there
My solitary hand to hold.

You are my friend and more than that
Can't you see?
Sometimes I just look away
So that my eyes don’t betray me.

You have given me enough
Should I ask for more?
Your presence is always felt,
Deep within my heart's core.

Yes it was a dream,
Because you are too good to be true
I try not to wake up
Even eternity just a moment it seems.

The sun shines brightly,
The sky is so blue,
The grass is green,
Always...just because of YOU!

Give me all your pain
You took all of mine...
Though they does not last forever,
Your friendship I shall always always savor.

Lotus Reads on 4:54 PM said...

Visiting from Radha's blog and so happy I did...this is a wonderful poem...there is something so sad about the words "if only".

Noushy Syah on 7:12 PM said...

Wow....amazing doc!

Your poem is so good....kinda Dr Love...hehehhe:p

BTW abt that gurl in my blog,she was 8 yrs old,been tortured and sodomized till her rectum ruptured and her body was placed in a plastic..what a tragic hppnd somewhere in Kuala Lumpur,Msia. Her body was only identified by DNA testing.

Too bad...may she RIP now.

shashi said...

@ anoushka...

ya i read tht in ur blog.. really sad.... wht kinda crazy maniacs the person can be... hard to believe...

@ lotus

thanks for ur lovely comments..

@ anonymous..
dnt knw who u r ..
but ure replies r really inspiring.. keep posting such nice comments.. :)

preetilata on 11:26 PM said...


:) :) :)

satan' queen on 11:57 PM said...

phew! amazing post der doc....loved readin stirs sumthing inside while one is reading n thats d best thing a poem can do.amazing work! do post some more poemz! satan queen wld b waiting!

p.s- finally updated my blog!!!

shashi said...

@ satan queen

thanks a lot.. well thts a really generous comment.. well yeah wud try to stir more inside... :)
ya wud check ur blog..

Shruti on 1:12 AM said...

Hey Shashi those are some amazing words. Great post:-) keep wrting

shashi said...

hey thanks shruti..

littleWriter on 11:05 PM said...

Doc, u lost ur heart to some patient kya? this' very interesting.. haha.. i sudnt laugh now as its a serious environmnt in ur poem, but i was thinking the scenario... lil abnormal 4m my part..still. nice one dude..
About "adsense" i tell u, in my poetry blog the adsense u see r just for show u may say ;) the real earning(although very lil) comes from websites i've... now a days don get time to maintain the sites as well... nice to see you back aftr a long time... kp in touch :)

Sameera on 3:12 AM said...

Sigh!Love is so frustrating when you are with the one and still not with them.Good poem :)

Meghna on 11:12 PM said...

That is a beautiful poem. I am sure to visit more.

abhi on 11:28 PM said...

Do mention the poets name in the end . . SPECIALLY IF ITS yours :) nice...

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