Friday, September 14, 2007


Tag from Anoushka a.k.a Nousy Syah. on eight random facts about me.

Tagging rules: 1. Each blogger must post these rules 2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves 3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. 4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read ur blog.

1> Im Shashikant , Usually people call me Shashi, u can call it as my nickname.
Im a Doctor, and im proud to be one. Ive been given the chance to save lives. I want to serve the Society and people in whatever ways i can.

2> Twins - Ive a Twin brother. It always feels great to have a twin, u are the center of attraction always. We share a great rappo with each other. but peculiar thing is that, Since childhood, we never ever share clothes and other stuff. His belongings are His, Mine are mine. Very few stuff are ours. Strange Isn't it??

3> Patriotism - I am a very patriotic about my country. I love my country and countrymen and of course countrywomen too :) . I am very emotional regarding matters c
oncerning India. I cannot tolerate any person maligning the image of my country . It just feels so proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind !!

4> Travelling & Adventure Sports - Though i cannot afford a lot of adventure sports. i love to do crazy stuff. Ive done Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Scuba Diving,
Para gliding etc etc. not much of the stuffs. But ive enjoyed every bit of it. Scuba Diving was the best experience ever in Lakshadweep Islands which is one of the islands of India. Its like a New world Under the sea. I like to travel too. Its just great to pack ur bags and leave for a fully unplanned tour. when i start earning big bucks, I plan to spend quite an amount on Travelling to different countries. Adjacent is the picture of the Nemo fish, coming out of the corals, my friend captured it in his camera, taken in Lakshadweep. Isn't is Beautiful?

5> Love - I'l put up what I feel in one single sentence.
" Love Those Who Love You"

6> Accident prone - Since Childhood, Ive been so much accident prone. From head injury when i was One to bad bike Accidents few years back, I have been like on the edge of a cliff all the time. And the best part i have always overcome all these things to be successful till now. Its just made me a person with a strong will power. I just pity my parents who had to go through lot of stress through all my such ordeals... lol :)

7> Practical Life - I believe in Living a Practical life. I don't believe rebirths and past lives and all. I believe what you are today is all you have, don't rely too much on the past or the future. Life is short. Use it to the fullest.

8> My passions - i love football, cricket . And I am a die hard supporter of Arsenal Football Club. Not much into books. Love dancing , planning to learn more and more styles of dancing. And I Love to sing too.. But most of the time others hate to listen to me. :) . Last but not the least Girls :)

Well thats all i could remember about me rite now ... hehe..

8 Bloggers, i would like to tag
>>> Vinay
>>> Nisha
>>> Lavanya
>>> Aarti
>>> Little Writer
>>> Anusha
>>> Akansha
>>> Supriya

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~ littleWriter ~ on 10:58 AM said...

Thankx Shashi for digging my news :) buddy i cudnt really understand dis concept of tagging.. is it some sort of link xchnge? i only know abt link xcnhge which u can see in my blog, so dat we may do anytime if u feel... ye today i'll post a new poem, hope u'll like.. lemme see :) take care

Supriya Narang on 11:48 PM said...

hello.. i already took up that tag.. look i'm so "antaryaami" kinds.. thanks for tagging me btw ;) and here's the link !

Vinay on 10:12 AM said...

Hey d00d...I've already been tagged...So can I leave it as such or do I have to do it again??

morinn on 10:28 AM said...

Hi Doc, I've noticed that you've visited my blog. This is kind of an honor since intelligent people rarely visit mine! Kidding!

And I've noticed that you like rock! That's cool. ;)

Noushy Syah on 9:26 PM said... you're one of the twins!! That's gr8,I've known a blogger friend from India whom is a twin!!

Seem like you're such an adventurous doc!! But hey, I hope you won't be any accident prone now yea? Extra careful..your mum has enough and I guess no wonder you became a doc!hehehe..

A a die hard fan for Arsenal, emm sorry dude, even Arsenal beat Chelsea till death I wouldn't wanna hail to Arsenal..hehehhe..


Anonymous said...

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s.H.a.S.h.I on 8:44 AM said...

wow.. this is unexpected... thanks for the BOTDA...

Everymatter on 9:05 AM said...

Although i didn't understand whether this points are for tagging rules or something else BUT the only great thing is each point is very nice and picture is very beautiful.

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