Saturday, September 15, 2007

In you Face!!!! Spurs !!

It was just a photo-finish in the recent English premier league Match when Tottenham Hotspurs hosted Arsenal in White Hart Lane.

Arsenal were trailing 0-1 at half time. Manager Arsene Wenger might have given a inspirational advice at half time, Arsenal came back strongly and blasted 3 goals in the second half, to eventually grab an away win 3-1. Emmanuel Adebayor scored 2 goals , 2nd Goal by Adebayor was a Cracker, as well as the goal by Fabregas. This was just the win all the Arsenal supporters were longing for. Well Of course, Arsenal survived some silly mistakes by the spurs. I would say it was a well deserving win!! Go Gunners !!!

In your Face Spurs!!!!!!

Check out the goals here
E.Adebayor 1-1
Cesc Fabregas 2-1
E.Adebayor 3-1

4 cared to comment:

Noushy Syah on 4:10 AM said...

Arsenal deserved this game..definitely..:)

FireWhisky on 8:18 AM said...

oh my god!!! ur an arsenal fan!!! so am i!!! bt i hvnt been able 2 watch their games cz i stay as a paying guest in pune and im nt allowed near d tv... bt ive been keeping up wid dr exploits online... yaye!!! i dnt think ive been this excited since the first time i had ice cream... ooooh...

s.h.a.s.h.i said...

i wud say .. arsenal deserved and spurs really dint deserve.. they missed some sitters.. was on the edge of the seat... lol

Noushy Syah on 5:02 PM said...

Gosh..I sent it to the said email:

ok I'll send it agian and you plz check it again ok?

Noushy Syah.

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