Monday, June 20, 2011

The Youth of India !!

Just watched the movie 'Shaitan'  by Bejoy Nambiar.  As much as the direction, story line and acting pleases the audience, the same dint stop me realize the antics of today's youth. Well the movie was really well made, its shown the reality that happens in the posh streets and colleges of mumbai, delhi and even bangalore. The movie portrayed the gory sight of youngsters, indulging with drugs and alcohol, leading to misguided perceptions and in the end terminating with untoward accidents.
  But where are we heading, the alcohol, the cigarretes, drugs, etc. are just misguiding the youth these days. Just few days back i was just walking past a famous mumbai college, i wouldn't name the college. As i walked past the college gate, past the narrow roads, that were adjacent to the college, saw some girls in the age group of 15-17 years, smoking cigarettes. Well obviously its none of my business, that the girls are smoking, but 90% of the youth take up to smoking, drinking and drugs, just to mingle in the crowd, just to show that they are cool, social and ready to take challenges. Research shows 80-85% of addictions start at 15-18 years of age. If parents act right at this age, to curb these tendencies, they can actually protect their children from long term addiction. Problem is we don't realize it at that age, but when we grow older, we start seeing the effects of it.
  Parents are also at fault for the behavior of their children. In the name of love and care, parents spoil the children with accepting all the child's wishes even though things are not rational. Spending hours together on computer, mobile, social networking and spending less time with parents, this is what happening at every home nowadays. The term Rich spoilt kids is not uncommon these days.
  We keep saying the future of the country is with the youth of india, well but its actually in the hands of individuals, who have matured out of their youth and ready to lead a responsible life and the country.


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deepz on 9:20 AM said...

so damn true!!!!thumbs-up

Unknown on 10:20 AM said...

thanks deepz..

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