Saturday, March 01, 2008

Its Been a While !!

Hey people , its been long time since i posted... Lot of things r happening in my life...
Lots of disappointments and lots of bitter success.
disappointments r hard to take..
but thts wht makes u stronger..
sumtimes its hard to stay on ground..
but doesn't hurt to stay positive..
After all theres always jitteriness out of comfort zone..

Ive been quite busy..
hope to be more regular..
Regularising the irregularities is not my regular work...
Not used to too much irregularities...
i rather shut up my crap.. and
add sum rap L8R..........

6 cared to comment:

Noushy Syah on 1:10 AM said...

Hi Shashi!
Glad to see your msg in my blog again...wahh really it's been a while!! Thanks for keep updating of your latest,appreciate that.

Nice to hear you are fine though bz with studies and clinical experience for the course..seem like you gonna be a future Anaesthetist, rite?

I'm sure you already well adjusted with the new environment and place, nothing more that I want from you other than all the best my friend.

Take care and cu soon.
Have a gr8 w/end too.

Noushy Syah on 1:11 AM said...

p/s A short and compact updated! Thanks my friend...gotcha.

Rap later, no crap...tehehhee.

Preetilata【ツ】 on 1:23 PM said...

oh! ya1 u agn took a long brk. so welcome back. how r u? update something soon.

btween do collect ur awrds from my blog

take care
:) :) ):

Aarthi on 12:20 PM said...

Hey nice to c u again...but be cheerful n romantic doc...asusual..c'mon these things happen and that too continuosly i knw its a bit bad...but that's y u r here get diverted and cheer up...we are waiting for ur interesting blogs and romantic poems or vice versa..btw saw a news tht sum arsenal player got injured...reminded u..:)

Aarthi on 12:28 PM said...

BTW I have tagged you...pls take it up...:)

s.H.a.S.h.I on 2:43 PM said...

@ aarthi
yaa.. re i'l do tht soon

@ preetilata

ya i wud check it out..

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