Saturday, March 22, 2008

Used Auto Parts

I recently came across a website for used automobile parts and automobile wrecking whose base is in Canada and now also in the U.S in New York.
This auto wreckers company goes by the name Standard Auto Wreckers. They are the leading Auto wreckers in Canada. They buy vehicles for wrecking and scrap. Parts are either sold Off the Shelf ready to go, or UPIC, where you pick your parts from the UPIC section of their yard.
They also buy used auto parts for sale and wrecking. They have a huge inventory of parts to choose from. and each one is cleaned, repaired, tested and ready to use. It ranges from engines, axles, steerings to body panels, doors, auto glass, gas tanks, radiators etc. and what more u get same day shipping and extended warranty on all parts. Standard also has a complete Tire shop for all your Wheel and Tire needs.
Another highlight is the Aftermarket parts. Standard’s Aftermarket Parts Department has access to over 15,000 body repair parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, lamps, gas tanks, radiators, condensers and accessories for domestic and imported cars and trucks. Many Speciality parts like flywheels, door handles, tailgate cables etc are also available here. They give next day pick up in the Aftermarket department. They ensure there is full customer satisfaction.
The fun part is the their Free parts day.
Free Parts Days have become an annual event at Standard Auto Wreckers. On the specified weekends only, you pay $49.95 (incl. taxes) to enter our yard and remove all the parts you can carry out in your hands. You have access to more than 3000 cars and you can choose the part you're looking for. Isnt it fun ?

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noushy syah on 6:06 PM said...
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noushy syah on 6:07 PM said...

HI doc!

Hope you're fine and have a gr8 weekend.
Wow...that's really cool isn't it, imagine you could find the original one to be fixed in your car! hehhehe....

BTW, the match that we are waiting for is finally here,tomorrow...;)

Seems like all the big match tomorrow..won't ask who will win, coz I surely want my fava to win, regardless..hehehhe

Chill out dude, keep smiling, see you at S/Bridge tomorrow!!:)

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jodiefoster on 11:37 AM said...

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Lyndsay on 11:14 AM said...

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