Friday, February 01, 2008

Ek Din !!

एक दीन जीने दे मुझे ज़िँद्गी
एक दीन उड़ने दे आसमान में
एक दीन गीर्ने दे ज़मीन पर
एक दीन ख़ुशी से हँसने दे मुझे
एक दीन रोने दे मुझे दुःख में
तेरी हर ख़ुशी का हीस॒सा बन ने दे मुझे
तेरी हर दर्द का सहारा बन ने दे मुझे

एक दीन थम जाने दे
धड़कन रुख जाने दे
डरना क्या मेरे यारा
मेरी हर धड़कन तुम्हारे लीये है

एक दीन प्यार करने दे मुझे
एक दीन होश खोने दे मुझे
एक दीन डूबने दे तेरे आंखों में
एक दीन छूने दे तेरे कोमल घालों को
एक दीन बसने दे तेरे खयालों में
एक दीन सोने दे तेरी गोध में
एक दीन मरने दे तेरे प्यार में

प्यार करने वालों के इतिहास में
मुझे बी अमर होना है एक दीन

This is just a short write up i tried in hindi..
For International readers... Heres the English version .

One Day

Let Me live my life One Day
Let Me fly in the skies One Day
Let Me fall on the ground One Day
Let Me smile wid happiness
Let Me cry when im sad
Let Me be part of every happiness in your life
Let Me be your saviour in every moment of pain

Let this day stop
Let those heart beats stop
dont worry my friend
My every heart beat is yours

Let Me love One Day
Let Me lose my senses in your love
Let Me drown in your eyes One Day
Let Me feel your soft face
Let Me appear in your thoughts One Day
Let Me lie on you lap One Day
Let Me die in your love One Day

In the History of the Great Love Stories..
Want to find my name One Day...........

Sorry guys don't have much time so have just done the literal translation of my poem in Hindi
Hope it has come well..

14 cared to comment:

hari said...

hey shashi nice poem.. just a bit of grammar mistakes
but overall good
bye tc

s.H.a.S.h.I on 6:53 PM said...

@ hari

arey sum problem wid blogger.. .i cudnt get sum matras rite even after tryin everytin in tht hindi editor..
so posted as it is..

Noushy Syah on 7:03 PM said...

Namaste' Shashi,

..hhehehe awaiting for English translation:)

Bubbles of FireWhisky on 10:27 AM said...

प्यार करने वालों के इतिहास में
मुझे बी अमर होना है एक दीन

wah wah... kya baat kahi hai

Aarthi on 1:47 PM said...

Hi Shashi you know I don't understand Hindi...but my friend read it and said it was "Good"..if possi can you translate it in English for people like me...:)

Noushy Syah on 2:24 AM said...

Doc! I have tagged you on special meme of friendship...have a look in my blog yea.

p/s where's the translation of this poem?tehehhe..

Have a gr8 day!

aria ayumi on 7:29 AM said...

those Hindi words look almost the same. can't differentiate it. but, i enjoy reading those meaningful words ;) thanks by the way :)

preetilata on 12:38 AM said...

wah! wah! kya baat hai. bahut khub! as it's ur first hindi poem so for that matter u hv done very well. but shashi pls check ur spellings. bahut galtiya hai n u know ki galat spelings ki wajah se shabdo ka matlab biklul badal jata hai. for instans in the word din u hv used bari e ki matra but it sud b with a choti e. din with choti e mns day but with bari e it mns garib. so shashi pls ck the spellings and rectify them so that ur poem becomes more beautiful and meaningful.
overall u hv done a good job. :)

tk cr :)

Noushy Syah on 2:00 AM said...

yeahhh..that is awesome Shashi!The translation is so meaningful and powerful.

Congratz on this lovely poem my friend!

Hope you have a gr8 time and come back safely yea.

Take care.

Neha on 12:49 PM said...

neat job shashi. how are u?

Noushy Syah on 1:48 AM said...

When you get back, this is for you..check it out yea..

Take care and hope you had a gr8 time on your holiday!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 1:07 PM said...

@ preetilata

ya i tried so many times to make din rite .. but sumhow cudnt do it.. the hindi transliteration is not easy... tell me how to modify it.. if u can..

s.H.a.S.h.I on 1:08 PM said...

thanks to all for ur lovely comments..

@ noushy

will do the tag soon...

Noushy Syah on 1:27 AM said...

Hope you are fine..ohh too bad Arsenal lost to MU badly!

Tot this would cheer u up a lil bit:

Take care Shashi and have a gr8 w/end.

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