Thursday, June 03, 2010

Baby give me some sign..

hey gal ive been watching u everyday.. 
sumtin doesnt seem right, 
we chat on the line, 
we talk on the phone
nothing seems so bright. 

I know ure sad baby, 
but lemme help u, lemme hold ya hand 
I can see it in yo'r eyes, 
the tears waiting to change into ten thousand cries, 
take ya fears out , believe in you gal. 

Even if ya dnt wanna talk to me, 
heya i really dnt mind gal, as long as ure happy. 
I know u dnt wanna se me no more 
I aint complaining, 
will be waiting by the shore.
But baby give me some sign!! 

baby but remember u r the only one 
sumtin about u make me believe ure the number one.. 
I know u in lotta pain, u never wanna show ya nyone 
u keep smiling, n keep everyone around ya happy 
I wont trouble u. 
throw it out, kick it out , peel it off.. 
i'l be waiting by ya window to catch all ya pains.. 
its no fun, its no gain. 
but i aint bothering, as long as i see ya real smile.

wanna be beside ya all the time
be part of every li'l crime .
until it gives u the chill thru ya spine. 
I will be gone forever gal.. 
but baby give me one sign !!!

Take care yo.. 

12 cared to comment:

Meghna Srinivas on 4:06 PM said...

woah! doc awesomeness! and whos inspired this one, i hope she is ok!
ur flow is pretty impressive!

s.H.a.S.h.I on 8:27 PM said...

thanks megz.. well just had an instinctive feelin bout sumbody.. so just wrote it.. :)

nim said...

butiful one...!!! but out of ur long list of friends how wud one know dt whose d one..! "Hey baby give us some sign"...:)

Momo's Ma on 3:40 AM said...

superb rap. i sure wanna hear it set to a tune next time we meet. real cool cat u r.. :)

s.H.a.S.h.I on 4:43 PM said...

@ nim
sab moh maaya hai :P

@ momo's ma
lol.. thanks sis.. well lets see if i can put some tune to it.. hehe

Kcalpesh on 1:52 PM said...

Hey nice blog and cool poem! Just a thought. May be you can consider changing the link-color of your kontera ADs? Looks practically unreadable....

s.H.a.S.h.I on 12:28 AM said...

thanks dude.. i'l change it.. thanks for the advice..

kanishka said...

good rap ..doc.. keep it up. .

Anonymous said...

I lived my life
Did I live it right?
I lived on the edge of pain
I wanted to run away
'Coz it was driving me insane.

I have lost the words
I have lost my head
I have tried to cry so much
I stopped thinkin...thought I am dead
The pain and days were such.

But I smile a lot nowadays
I try to be like the sun
I try to hold my head up high
I try not to miss any fun...

I do have them beside me
Who love and care,
But I turn away often now,
Because it's not worth to share.

I just see a sea in front of me
With no land in sight
Its big...its deep and so consuming
I just cannot define...
It's not you dear one,
It's me looking for a sign.

s.H.a.S.h.I on 2:22 PM said...

waah.. anonymous.. ur too much.. thts really nice.. ure a better poet than me.. :)

Anonymous said...

She looks out of the window
at him standing with his arms wide
her heart reaches out
but she turns her head to the side

its a funny thing, this life
how easily it can turn
from an easy love
into an endless strife

She stands in the shadows
looking at his upturned eyes
how he stares at the windows
that remain closed, shut tight

Its a funny thing, this love
how it makes us blind
to the one who is waiting
for us who pines...

Aarthi on 4:44 PM said...

Hey Hru doing?

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