Monday, May 31, 2010

Just sMiLe !!!

This is about a girl who stood in the smoke with that beautiful smile
She aint a princess
she aint a girl next door ,
Shes just an ordinary gal
wid a extraordinary smile....
Gal ure so cool..
lookin at u every1 gonna be so fooled.
galie u dnt need any1 to ruin ya birthday.
This is ya birthday, u have a right to be happy.
No tears, No fears, just grab a can of beer,
raise a toast to the years u lived..
Years u lived with joy and happiness.
u introduced me to ya world.
was wonderful wanna take a dip again into the sea
just let it be the way u are .
will be down with ya like a best friend
Can't promise will make u laugh
but atleast can cry wid ya.
No cheating, no teasing , no games.
To keep ya happy
is ma only aim..
All ya've gotta do is gal.
Neva give up that wonderful smile..

May not be the same if i neva met u..
i wish i was there, to make ur day special.
When we hit the club, can dance until u're down.
I know u dont like it, but dont ya worry i gonna protect ya
from the brown..
Until the spirits r high, vodka flowing down the throat smoothly
like a wind through your body.
All my hommies think im crazy,
well theyre just lazy,
coz they're just mad, they ain't get u .
But aint no matter, coz i don't care.
Gemini is ur sign, gal ure so fine.
And i would do whatever in time,
to keep ya happy .

All ya've gotta do is gal. 
Neva give up that wonderful smile..

No matter how far i am gal 
Im gonna hold ya down n make sure everything is right wid ya
nothing can go wrong, 
just wanna sing that birthday song. 
All ya've gotta do is gal,
Neva give up that wonderful smile
Inside like real friends supposed to, i wanna show you,
The life of someone like u is more than just a smoke. 
Yo cannot be wrong gal. 
Just gotta put up that SMile..

This is dedicated to a Special Friend !!!

4 cared to comment:

akanksha on 10:43 PM said...

Just plain AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

aawww...massttt post :D

s.H.a.S.h.I on 11:27 PM said...

thanks ladies.. :)

magiceye on 9:05 PM said...

the friendship would have become more special now!

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