Sunday, December 19, 2010

For You , Mom & Dad !!

For a long time, ive been thinking of writing something for my mom and dad. Today is the occasion, today is my Dad's birthday.

When i was small and little
Scared and weak, thin and brittle,
U were there by my side to hold my hand
Walk me down the dangerous lanes
Amidst all the unfriendly plains
U were there for me
U were there, Mom and Dad.

When i used to get lost in the crowds
Wandering in the cluster of tall moving people
Scared and insecure, searching for some home,
Looking for those moist soft hands.
Hugging me and holding me
And saying Its All right
U were there for me, Mom

When I was sad, dejected, failed
When i though all my options were derailed,
When confidence had hit a road block,
There was no one to lift me off the dock,
U were there for me, Dad
U were there to motivate me,
made me believe in myself,
made me realize my talents.
U were there for me, Dad.

U have always been a role model for me,
Always been the people,
I most look upto.
U were always been the people,
I care more than anything.
U were always been the people,
I love more than anything.

I want to promise u Mom & Dad
I will always be beside u, when u need me.
I will always care for u, how much ever it takes.
I will always be there to hold ur hands
when u need my help.
I will always be there to listen to u.
And I would consider myself really lucky,
If I can become, half the person, what u are.
So that hopefully one day, Mom and Dad, u can proudly say he is our son !!!!!


6 cared to comment:

The 'Mad' Orchid on 2:52 PM said...

Utterly butterly Cute :)
Proud of u Shash :D

shashi on 10:07 AM said...

thanks mads...:)

Momo's Ma on 10:59 AM said...

wow. nice words. all at home read it too and were surprised at this hidden talent. keep it up.

Ramchu said...

Excellent thought !!

This is special talent indeed - we are proud of you !!

Wishing you the very best !!

umangexuberance on 1:51 AM said...

that was so made me cry

s.H.a.S.h.I on 9:57 PM said...

thanks everyone..

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