Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kingfisher IndiBlogger meet at Bangalore #indiblr 21/02/2010

I went to this Awesome meet organised by a website called Indiblogger . Indiblogger is a website with a directory of all bloggers in India. This meet was organised by bloggers in bangalore at KYRA pub and restaurant sponsored by Kingfisher. KF sponsored the free beer.
 It was gud to see so many people from all walks of life of all ages, came to the event. A gentleman Mr. saraswathan just enlightened everyone with his witty comments and information. He was awesome.
Well with the beer in hand, comments were flowing from all bloggers.. There was sum interesting discussions about how to make blogging better. Sum people took lotta objections for making money out of blogging.. which btw i feel thers nuthing wrong about it. In fact i feel people should make enough money from blogs and they need not get to their 9-5 job again. And then u'l have enough time for doing what u like, i.e blogging:) anywayz they are my views. But i was gud to see so many people eager to speak out. One guy i forgot his name, but everyone had to plead him to stop talking :P .. haha.
Another issues discussed were the copyrights and license issues, which was very informative for me. Some felt putting widgets in their blog is useless, nevertheless it gets u visitors and looks cool too :)
There was a interesting game arranged too, we were given big sheets to be hung up in our neck and people will write comments for u behind ur back. Ive put up a photo of the comments i got. I got to know lotta interesting people and got some interesting and encouraging comments too. Saw some funny comments on people's posters like " Im Mad", " I want free snacks" , " Man U sucks" which btw is totally true :) 
We winded up with a video on IPL. I winded up with a bottoms up with anwin . On a whole a very nice meet, lotsa interaction, lots of special moments, lots of humour, lotsa beer, and lotsa tweeting. Thanks to Indiblogger, KYRA, and Kingfisher for arranging such a wonderful meet. 

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Mohan on 6:25 AM said...

Dude.. talk about Arsenal and praise them. It is fine... but saying Man U sucks is bad. Remember, your hand stops where my nose starts ;)

Nice to have met you and many more folks. Look forward to be frequent here!

Saras on 2:09 PM said...

It was a very enjoyable meet. I liked the informal way in which the organisers went about the whole think but keeping things under control. I am sure they will be adding a column for the tips on HTML/Widget/Coding help etc sought by some bloggers.

Tulika on 6:14 PM said...


Must have been fun!

Happie blogging doc dude. :)

Naveen JP on 6:58 PM said...

Hey sashi, it was nice meeting. The roadside chai and cigarettes was a nice end to the meeting!

Lakshmi Rajan on 8:50 PM said...

Even if we could not catch with everyone during the event due to 100+ bloggers gathered, it sure helped break the ice and made way to visit many blogs we have not visited before. Sure this visits will translate to better interactivity in the next meets to come. Nice knowing you Sashi, Ya while winding up we did bumb into each other along with Anwin, right? :)

s.H.a.S.h.I on 9:00 PM said...

@ mohan.. got ur point.. this is a very nosy business :)

@ Naveen
ya had a great time and chai added flavour in the end. :)

@ lakshmi ranjan
dude.. there were so many people, it was tuff to remember every1s names. but best part was we got to knw so many skilled writers..

s.H.a.S.h.I on 9:01 PM said...

@ tulika..
u too join indiblogger.. its a nice website..

Tulika on 11:03 PM said...


I'm already on indiblogger

hitesh rawat on 11:58 AM said...

Mr.saraswathan was youngest of us.....

watever they say.....i like to make something extra...from my was a great help during my final year of, visitors, readers....everybody matters to me....

they shld have talked abt IPL ....Delhi gonna take this one home......


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