Sunday, February 20, 2011

The thing about Women !!!

The thing about women, is that, they are mysterious in their own ways, 
Every woman's brain is like a cryptic crossword, only difference is that a cryptic crossword can be solved, a woman's brain is just too cryptic to solve. 
God made men and women different. He equally divided brawn, brain and beauty to both men and women.  He then thought if i give both of them brawn and beauty, then whey would be so alike. So he decided to give men the brawn, brain and beauty, and for the women, instead of brawn, he added an extra portion of brain. The resulting effect is that, the latter have and extra portion of brain, which conflicts with the original brain, so in the end they themselves don't know what they are thinking. No wonder they are difficult to understand :P 
Every woman has a sixth or seventh or eight sense, or whatever number u wanna give it. This is a peculiar power that women have. Let me explain it to u. Imagine a woman sitting in a hall alone, and u are sitting across the hall, far away from her. U might be in the farthest spot in her field of vision. Try staring at her for a long time, keep concentrating and just stare at her. After a while somehow, she's come to know that, someone is staring at her, n look back at u. U wont believe, at times ive been sitting behind a gal, n was generally lookin at her, n she turned back. Gals have this amazing talent, don't know how they do that. Coz trust me guyz, we can never know. :) 
A woman's brain so complex to understand too. There are so many things going on in their head all the time. They have such an analytical mind, massive programming and coding goes on at the top floor.  When U are with a gal, u must pay attention, to every damn thing she says. Even if u miss even 1/10th of the conversation, ure screwed, u definitely ain't gettin any goodies. Suppose ure not listening and she asks something out of the blue, the best answer u could give is " ya ya sure", or to make her more happy "absolutely" .
Never interrupt or disturb a gal while shes talking on the phone or sleeping, well dude shhhhh..  thats the only time shes not yelling at you.
They have this amazing way of creating an imaginary world with their hands while talking on the phone. She's be waving her hand in the imaginary atmosphere, as if the person shes talking to is sitting right next to her.  Best is when shes angry, u'l see all kinda hand gestures, which u really wanna get away from. And also while shes giving directions, her hands will go right for right direction and vice versa. 
Don't ever miss a phone call, well u are then subjected to such a rigorous interrogation, even FBI will have mercy on u. Even if ure going for download, take ur mobile with u. 
And always comment on how she looks, and remember this has to be done on a regular basis, preferably every time u meet her. Well of course, say only good things. 

Finally this post was written just to tickle the funnybone. If any of you feel it was rude, derogatory, unacceptable, then i don't give a damn :P 
And to all the women in my life, I love you, i hate you, i adore you, i despise you, but i can never ignore you, because without a woman, a man's life would be like a barbeque full of sausages. :P 

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The Wise Monkey on 8:23 PM said...

LOL! it’s seriously a good read! I did not know we were so complex :P ! Amused at the 'male interpretation' of the 'intriguing' feminine mind :P

I would like to make a point here. At the risk of digressing, most of the women have a very precise idea of how things (not necessarily read ‘men’) should appear. Eg. I was at a store buying a laptop. I precisely wanted a black laptop. After about 20 mins I made up my mind and chose a model. The ppl at the counter placed the order and then I asked if the model was available in ‘black’. The guy at the counter gave me a weird expression, interpreted as ‘here we go again’. A friend of mine who had gone to the store with me, replied instantly ‘never mind, we will paint it black’. The guy at the counter and my friend then started laughing. This evidently is a classic example of ‘male bonding’. I am not sure I appreciated the humor, but, all said and done they are both still breathing. Bottom line – sensitivity please!

Having said that, I know we often run after jerks and ignore the nice ones, but thankfully most of us learn fast and appreciate the effort you guys put in making things work. I know we complain (read nag, a lot!) but we do appreciate the little things you do! In all walks of life, whether it’s a relationship or just being good friends. The friend I mentioned above is somebody I fight with the most! Most conversations end with me sulking and him not wanting to talk about the topic of contention anymore! However the same person once got me two boxes of quite expensive vanilla ice-cream, just coz I was going through a vanilla phase! I did appreciate that :)

I agree women can be difficult, but that's part of our charm. And it does keep you guys on your toes! Love us, hate us, despise us, we don’t care as long as we have the attention! win-win ;)

shashi on 12:23 AM said...

haha.. zinnie .. totally awesome.. loved ur last statement..okk peace out .. soo wht ure doin on weekend ? :P

The Wise Monkey on 12:41 PM said...

Charmed ;) About the weekend, seeing that you are not in town, not much I guess :P

P.S. btw, nice pun with the BBQ bit, doc :P

nim said...

quite an experienced guy...:P

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