Friday, February 11, 2011


Watching you from far away ,
From behind the glass doorway,
Staring behind you
Clad in the wonderful blue dress

Thinking from a perplexed mind,
Disturbed, distracted, distressed
Yes i know it dear...
I know ure heart is paining
Bleeding with all the mistrust
Amidst the sun and moon draining

Im not the one, not all that ive done
Wrong it seems
Hung are the dreams
Times passed by, souls changed
Devils victored, sad as it seems
Unheard are the screams..

Cant make u believe,
Cant help it retrieve,
Walk wid me gal,
Walk wid me into the glorious past,
Walk wid me thru all the pain,
Walk wid me thru my mistakes

Cant look at ur face,
Dont stare wid ur misty eyes,
Dont hold on 2me wid ur lending hands
I aint the one,
Cant come closer anymore
Cant reach out anymore
My heart is just a disguise
Cant realise anymore..

Thers nothing left to try
Nothing left to mind
Nothing left to pray
Nothing left to say
But..... Goodbye !!! 

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The Wise Monkey on 9:56 PM said...
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The Wise Monkey on 9:58 PM said...

Good one, Shashi. Strong choice of words.

s.H.a.S.h.I on 11:05 PM said...

thanks sudeshna...

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