Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bangalore Indiblogger meet 2009

Yesterday evening I went to this bangalore blogger meets by . is a blog directory website for indian bloggers as well as some cool forums and other stuff.
So first time I was going to any bloggers meet, so was really exciting. It started with a 1 minute of fame for all the boggers, where you had to introduce yourself. I turned up a bit late, so missed out on that. but no issues, there were really interesting introductions..
Then there was a talk on security issues for bloggers, which was really informative for people like me..
Nxt was launch and a sneak peek at windows 7 by two guys. They had a nice ppt presentation, but kinda boring for me, coz I had no clue about all the technical stuff. But nevertheless , they had a decent presentation.
Next session was clearly the best - the eating session, we gulped some tasty pizzas, and cola, felt really refreshing:)
In the end we wrapped it up with a nice group discussion on blogging, monetization, twitter and other stuff. we were enlightened by a guy named Sherin, he called himself  'The Money Maniac' , he shared with us his tactics of getting higher pagerank, monetization tips etc. That was amazing..
Overall it was a great meet, good getogether, looking forward to attend some more similar meets..

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Julia Scissor on 6:22 PM said...

The refreshments session is *always* the best session, isn't it? :p

Lucky you. I have been blogging since 3 years but have attended a blogger's convention. I should look out for one now.

akanksha on 7:05 PM said...

I haven't attended one as yet:(
Glad that you enjoyed!

Arif Ali Saiyed on 11:26 PM said...

Here is his profile's Link on IndoBlogger :

and here is the the link of thread he has started on Forum

Admin on 11:05 PM said...

Never call me a mallu guy. If you don't know my name, remove and I feel such words are a great insult for me. Don't repeat it.


s.H.a.S.h.I on 10:20 PM said...

hey sherin.. i sorry if ure upset wid the 'mallu guy' word.. Im sorry if i hurt ur sentiments...

s.H.a.S.h.I on 11:51 PM said...

@ julia and akansha

ya it was fun.. and refreshments were as usual.. very enjoyable...

Anwin on 10:10 AM said...

Hi Shashikant, glad to meet you at the meet. It was very refreshing to meet someone from the medical field at the blogger meet. The last time this happened to me was in Pune when I met a fellow doctor like you at the Pune blogger meet.

Hope to see you at more meets. And if you have suggestions to make things interesting for non-techies do let us know :)


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