Monday, October 08, 2007


I saw this Nice tag in this Blog so thought i'l steal it. Usually I don't like tagging and stuff but kinda liked this one.. Enjoy.

Start: 00:00

  • Hmm.. its so difficult to think something, when u really wanna think.
  • Haven't been on a date since long time
  • Have to finish studying some topics of surgery today
  • Arsenal r doing great this time in EPL
  • My bday on 10th, wht kinda gifts will i get, i hope they're some useful stuff.
  • Bday also the day when u get ripped, not the most glamarous part of one's bday :)
  • Have to reduce some weight.
  • Shit the T.V is so loud , cant think..
  • Wanna be famous one day.
  • Everyday some new ideas pops up in my mind, but im too lazy to materialise them.
  • Times not over yet ??
  • I wanna get some good scores this time in my exams..
  • Feel like running from this tension filled life, run to some virgin islands which has only gals, like the AXE commercial. well thts too much to ask i guess. Will be difficult to handle, wont be tht fun.
  • Gosh im hungry now, wanna munch something.
  • Not earning much from adsense, tht sucks.. Have to get some professional website.well ive started a site totally on medicine, lets see if it pays --> My Medical reviews
  • Thinking of sporting a beard. tired of good boy looks..
  • Have to call some old friends, been such a long time. Everyone might be pissed off for not keepin tuch. Well thts how I am.
  • Anoushka's cookies haven't still arrived:)
  • Man.. this song is awesome. Metallica - Low Man's Lyric !
  • In India, govt. officials are so corrupt. My small work is been delayed for more than 2 months, i wonder when will it be done..
  • I guess time's almost up...
  • Well thats all my small head could think..
Stop: 05:00

K i guess Ive done a good Job . Now Time to tag more people...
I would like to tag

So what is FMORT?

stands for Five Minutes of Random Thoughts. It is a byproduct of a wild whim that played in my mind during one of my day dreaming sessions. In an attempt to bring something productive out of it, I thought of giving it a shape. It is fun to read what people think, when they are asked to think for five minutes of allotted time.

Steps to follow:
  1. Get an alarm/stop watch, piece of paper, pen.
  2. Set the alarm to ring 5 minutes 10 secs later.
  3. Take deep breath for 10 secs.
  4. Now, set your mind free.
  5. Scribble whatever comes to your mind on the paper for 5 minutes.
  6. After 5 minutes, tweak the scribbles into meaningful sentences.
  7. Post it to your blog.
    • The title should be, "My FMORT". Dont expand FMORT in the title as the purpose is to popularize FMORT.
    • The first line should read, "I am tagged by XYZ", where XYZ should be the name of the blog who asked you to tag and link XYZ to the post.
    • Then ask a fellow blogger to do the same and link to your post.
  8. Now sit back and relax. You would be amazed at the speed with which FMORT spreads.And you will be one link of the long chain on Internet.
Happy Thinking :)

12 cared to comment:

akanksha on 3:12 PM said...

Hey nice tag.:-)
Randomness at its best!!! some really interesting ideas there..though some of them were too random to be realistic.
About the Axe commercial...i bet thats every man's fantasy!:-)
good post Doc

shashi said...

lol... yeah.. hey btw .. if u want u can steal this too.... like me ... lol..

Noushy Syah on 3:54 PM said...

muahhahaha....My cookies too in your thought!

And you didn't think how yummilicious it's going to be? How dare you? Grrrr....

p/s I'll do it in my free time later yea...thanks Shashi, this is fun and makes our brain speedy and spontaneously reacted.Hope no cheating while you're doing it..:)

Shalini Gowrisankar on 11:23 PM said...

Nice tag :) .. FMORT - a very creative idea indeed.. May be I will steal it from you soon ;)

shashi said...

sure shalini... tag it...
i wont even charge u... :)

FireWhisky on 8:54 AM said...

tat ws soooo cool... relly is random, eh? isnt it funny tho hw u brain turns in2 a grey puddle evrytime u force it 2 think...

Shubhada on 11:07 PM said...

hey shashi, this FMORT thing is great...
didnt know abt it before, but seems it brings out the hidden thoughts too..gr8 work .. :)

Shubhada on 11:37 PM said...

You r welcome!
well,i'm in final year B.E., Ramdeobaba...
live near khamla...
from where have u done ur medical?

Ravi Kumar on 9:38 PM said...

Hey, join the orkut community on FMORT at the link below:

FMORT in Orkut


Aarthi on 5:02 PM said...

Sounds interesting....n i think ur brain functions v quickly...will try ths one

Arp!ta on 3:29 PM said...

really cute idea!!

Noushy Syah on 5:47 PM said...

I did it!! Thanks Shashi..BTW, how could I 4get your link? it's @ the intro..tehehhehe...

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